Buying Guide on Bed Linens

If you are a very style conscious person then buying bed linen can sometimes become a very tedious job as you will have to consider too many things like Which bed lien fabric is the best in terms of quality & thread count? Which color to buy? Is this fabric wrinkle free or not? Also you will have to consider the bedroom decor and its style. So you must be familiar with every aspect on how to buy bed linen. Read this handy buying guide on bed linen to unsolve your queries.

Different fabrics of Bed Linen

Fabric can be man-made and natural. Natural fabric consists of cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo and flax. This is also called organic and environment friendly fabric as to produce raw material for this no fertilizers and chemicals are used. The organic fabric is hypoallergenic and more breathable. But bed linen made from natural fabric gets wrinkles very easily. On the other hand you can also go for the man-made fabric in which some synthetic is mixed with the natural ones. Polyester is the example of this. These bed linens are not prone to wrinkles and have resistance towards molds and mildews.

Various Fabrics


You need something lavish and royal for your bedroom then go for the silk fabric. Here you can further check for the work on it. You will find embroidery, patchwork, appliques on these silk bed linens.


If you really like softness then nothing better than cotton bed linens. You can either go for the Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton. Also buy 100% cotton.


Polyester is made by blending two or more fabrics. It is also a good substitute for cotton. If you need something that dries quickly and easy to wash then go either for cotton/modal or cotton/lyocell blends.


Satin is rough from one side and very smooth and shiny from the other. So it will have both anti-slip as well as sheen quality. Quilted satin bed linen looks very elegant on the bed.


Flannel is one such fabric that is very warm in winter and very soft to feel. SO for winter season keep flannel bed linen for your bedroom that are decorated with laces and ribbons.

Importance of Thread Count

Softness of any fabric is measured by thread count that is mentioned on the pack containing it. Thread count measures the number of threads in one square inch of the fabric. You will find bed linen from 80 to 800 and even more thread count. Generally more the thread count more the softness but bed linen with more thread count is generally less durable and really needs extra care. You can go for the thread count that range between 200-300.

Hypoallergenic Property

If you are allergic to dust the synthetic bed linen are not meant for your. Do not buy the one that has the label mentioning no ironing as the surface of these bed linens are coated with chemicals. You can buy silk bed sheets because of their natural hypoallergenic tendency.


You will find all sorts of colors here from dark, bright to natural and light shades. You can pick the one according to your choice and taste. Also keep in mind your bed room decor and color of curtains, style of pillow covers, rugs and furniture as everything must blend with each other. Do not buy every thing in loud color but do some mix and match here. Make the combination of various colors and find which one gel with each other. Like light pink and light yellow mix with each other very well.

So consider all the elements of design and style while buying bed linen.

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