Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain 1

1. up to now i've had a shower curtain but i want to put in sliding doors. how difficult is that?

not that difficult.. =]

2. Where can i find a full bathroom shower curtain mat set?

sign up for replace stable stuff. You pronounced which you had assorted stuff yet no longer all the superb, why no longer take this possibility to sign up for some fairly stable high quality products which will final you a protracted time? I registered for an exceedingly stable set of cookware, all in could have fee me $1000 to bypass and purchase myself, yet I registered for open inventory products so people ought to get me one pot, or one pan, and that i finished up with the full set. sign up for stable knives, stable cooking utensils, stable high quality dishes and glasses, severe thread count quantity sheets, egyptian cotton towels....stable stuff!! something you spot you like placed it on the regitry, you could continuously supply the products you very own now to charity in case you get greater suitable high quality replacements. I registered at one severe end shop (Nordstrom) and aim, so I had issues on the registry for each finances

Explore the Latest Questions and Answers in Curtain 2

3. Where can I get extra long curtain rods?

Have you tried Bed Bath...? Ask if they have expandable rods, say 5 to 10 feet, so there's some overlap inside the tube for strength. BTW, dont know what decor look your trying to achieve, but if a wooden rod would work, go to any of the big home stores, Lowes, etc. Round poles for closets come in a couple of widths, like 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch, maybe 1 3/4 inch, up to 10 feet long. No luck there? Go to a lumber yard, if you can find one. The home stores have all but wiped them out. Hope this helps

4. What is a complementary curtain for a pale pink room?

Slate Grey- the very slightly darker shade but do not go too dark. The depth & shade should complement your particular shade of pink. It will look stupendously well blended. Classically Complemented

5. Why is 'Salt Asbestos Curtain' the Aperture Science motto?

Its not one of their motto's, it was just a marketing line of the products they were selling in 1940, their motto's are:As listed here

6. What type of curtain will look nice with black and white marble flooring?

Think about the white/ivory -- one may look yellow or dirty - Maybe a pale Khaki? or gray? - use gold on the drapes -- (curtains are short)

7. At a party, do you wipe ketchupy or oily hands on people's curtain?

Hell No that is a very rude thing to do. There is a lack of respect by that time

8. How was the Fulton Speech (aka Iron Curtain Speech) a turning point in the cold war?

it woke up Americans to the danger of the Reds - the iron curtain was descending on Europe - communist elements were everywhere and most prevalent in third world nations - cuba fell - north korea - vietnam - Other nations were invaded such as Hungary - and Checkoslovakia - Nations of East Germany - Romania were communist too - Communist elements were strong in Italy and France and also in Britain after the war - in the United States they were also prevalent - after that China was taken over by communists after the war - Japan had a large communist movement - Nato was created out of the western european free nations and the united states - canada - australia and later japan after the western alliance was formed the communists were slowed down and the last communist victory was in vietnam at heavy cost with millions of reds killed before the us withdrew - the commies realized that they would not take other nations without such a loss of life so it was not worth their time - spies etc continued through the cold war on both sides - aggessive air reconnaissance of each sides territory continued into the 1980s

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