Fall into the Habit of of Dining in the Garden

Summer is rapidly coming to a close as we can see from the turning of leaves already. I, for one, am not happy about this so here's a suggestion to prolong summer...take the meals outside as often as possible. Gather, eat, drink and be merry and let the kids run and play and be asmessy they like. So what if they drop some crumbs? more for the birds I say.

Note: This is not a Barbecue but a Backyard dinner.

Don'twork at dinner time - just relax, pass food around, enjoy cherished company in the peacefulnessof autumn.

There are a few rules to an autumn'sbackyard dinner that must be followed - eat as much vegetables as you can reap from the gardens of the farmers- cook as much as possible the night before- make everything green and herby- don't forget fruits and berries - that's it, keep it summer.

This one pot vegetarian's dream dish is a staple go-to recipe, what's amazing about this is the easy preparation. Literally put everything in a dutch oven and pop it in the oven. The ingredients(lentils, rice, vegetables, herbs, and coconut milk) make it a complete meal with more flavours than you could imagine. A friend once called this dish "Heaven On A Plate", so go ahead try it and let me know if she was right.

One-Pot Vegetarian Dream recipe Roast a chicken the night before while you are watching Netflix, this is another act of simplicity. Chicken, spice mix, herbs, butter and roast for two hours. Too often we forget what one chicken can do, how many mouths it can feed, the possibilities are endless.

From this roasted chicken ...

...use the breast meat for sandwiches . A homemade carmelized-onions and berry jam add some serious harmony to this sandwich, top with a melted trio of cheeses and paper-thin slices of apples and cucumbers for something new and oh so good.

Chop the leftover meat to add to quick noodle dishes or to top salads, anduse the carcass to make broths for soups.

Make a kasha salad like my friend Yola's recipe , she loves to make fast, healthy dishes that are packed with deliciousness. Yola will rarely mask fresh food, she loves to enhance and showcase the freshness. She's first and foremost an artist so of course the foods are always pleasing to the senses.

Use either cooked kasha or quinoa , add any and all fruits and vegetables, make it pretty, taste it and add a final touch or two and that's it.

Create your owncharcuterie board with Italian olives, Pete's Meats homemade sausages, Hardy Buoys candied salmon, and whatever you have and want to throw on there.

Pull togethera batch of pastries stuffed with whatever you like, these were filled with leftover salmon and dill cream sauce with fresh shelled (late) peas from a friend's garden .

End the backyard dinner sweetly with these no-stress desserts, they are addictive.

Mixed Berry Gluten-Free crumbles.

Best backyard dinner I have ever had was on a makeshift long table covered with a white bed sheet, lots of lit candles and an assortment of wines. Everyone had brought a dish to complement the roasted chicken and the trouts baked in parchment paper that I had made. I will never forget theanimatedconversations, and the endless laughter.

Until next time keep up with my local community/sustainable/gluten-free travels on twitter @glutenfreesam and for even more stories check out

Fall into the Habit of of Dining in the Garden 1

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