Favourite Finds for $10 Or Less

Long before bargain shopping became part of my job, I was a retail junkie.For me, there is something therapeutic about wheeling a grocery cart up and down the aisles or rummaging through sales racks and bins for hot deals on everything from trendy fashions to discontinued Eygptian-cotton sheets.And I get such an adrenalin rush when I snap up nearly-new finds from Goodwill for a song or bag jaw-dropping steals at end-of-season blowout sales. Trust me people: They're out there.Here are just a few of my favourite finds for $10 or less:Not everyone is impressed withOttawa's new Target stores, griping thatpricesat the Canadian outlets are much higher than in the U.S. Overall, that may be true, but if you scout outthe clearance sections like I do, you will find some crazy deals. I have become a big fan of theretailer's Thresholdcollection, which includes decorative pillows, kitchen accessories and dishware. A couple months ago, I found these salmon-coloured plates andfloral-patterned cups on sale for $1.44 each! A friend sawa photo of themon Facebook and asked if I'd bought them at Pier I, where I don't think you can buy anything - let alone a scalloped dinner plateor fancy tea cup -for $1.44. Best part: If you sign up for the Target REDCard, you get another five-cent-off your purchases. Bull's eye!I confess: A day does not go by that I don't light candles to cast a glow on our dinner table, on the tub lip while I take a bubble bathor simply while watching TV. I find candlelight extremely calming and have a hefty stash of candles of all sizes and scents stowed away in my dining room. If there's ever a blackout, head to my house. It'll be the one blazing in the darkness. Buying thesewood-turned candleholders was a no-brainer. I found the pair for 95 cents at St. Vincent de Paul last summer. For spring, Loblaws has a new collection of scented candles in ceramic holders for $4 each. I love the exotic patterns, which come in soft mint, teal, and red, on the outside of the holders. And they smell fantastic without being overpowering. Did I mention they are only $4 eachFootball is huge in our household, especially with two of my four sons playing competitively. Sowe are all anxiously awaiting the arrivalof the RedBlacks to the CFL this summer. Having spent many chilly afternoons and evenings on the sidelines watching a three-hour game - often in the rain or worse, snow - I know how essential warm clothes are for fans of the sport. I'll tell you when I found this RedBlack tuque on clearance for $7 at Walmart a few weeks ago, I didn't buy just one. I bought three. They will definitely be put to good use this season.Halloween has always been my favourite time of year to decorate. And there's no better place to find cheap decorations than at at the dollar store. Last October, I found these plastic arms in plaid sleeves for $2 each. Fun, affordable and eery. Fanastic.

Favourite Finds for $10 Or Less 1

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