Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Beach Towel

Considering that beach towel may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about beach towel for you to get started.

Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Beach Towel 1

1. When you start using your last beach towel after the shower is it time to do laundry?

Sonny, because he did not live long enough to drive us crazy

2. how can i keep my beach towel soft?

A cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle will get any residue soap out and also deodorizes. They absorb better, feel softer and do not sour so easily. Cheapest fastest way I know

Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Beach Towel 2

3. where can I get the right beach towel for me?

Walmart or old navy,bed bath and beyond or where ever stores sell swimsuits

4. What are some good party ideas for this situation?

Another fun idea is to do a beach theme...or luau (combine)....festive leis, summer stuff (even if it's winter)...beach ball toss games. Is this indoors only? If so, water games would be out (like teams lining up and each team has a bucket of water and a big sponge and an empty container placed ahead of them)--teams would race to soak sponge and pass it to person behind them until it reaches end of the line and that person has to run up and squeeze water into empty container. Game ends when teams finish to see who collected the most water...or whoever reaches the "water line" marked on the container. Indoor game or outdoor: Tourist relay....2 sets of clothing items placed by each team (include sunglasses, tourist hat, fanny pack or some kind of shoulder bag, baggy shorts, wild print shirt, some shoes, etc)...have same stuff kind of for each team. Object is to put on gear, race to a point (marked by a palm tree? beach chair?) and run back taking stuff off for next person to do. Foods...fruit kebabs, anything easy on a stick (terriyaki chicken? corn dogs?)...marshmallow Ambrosia salad and mac salad, etc (there's lots of ideas for food selections)......decorate with pineapples, have a pinata, hula hoop contests, limbo contests, coconut bowling (use empty liter bottles paint them like dancers or something fun, weight them down with kitty litter or sand). decorate with bamboo, make artificial colorful flowers with bright tissue paper and fan out, tie with pipe cleaners, bunch together...hang up colorful party lights, grass skirt trimming things, make huge flip-flops from card stock or foam board, trim with ribbon thong and gaudy flower...hang them up. Have beach buckets (kids' sand pails) filled with fun things for prize giveaway: beach towel, beachcomber's hat, sunglasses, "lifesaver" candies, Play "island to island": set up big pieces of cardboard decorated to look like islands (everything else around it is water)...ppl have to go from island to island, but there are different things to do to get there...(hop to it, bounce a ball to it, skate to it, etc...just be creative and make it appropriate for all ages).

5. Striped beach towel!?

Maybe a place like Bed Bath and Beyond? Kmart? Sears? Good luck!

6. Has anyone ever seen a Stewie beach towel?

there are so many here in Beirut

7. if you dont have a yoga mat,is it ok to do exercises on like a beach towel or something?

of course just make sure you arent laying the towel over something like concrete. a yoga mat wont really move around as much as a towel though, so you mght want to invest in it

8. How can a make a beach towel using bulletin board paper for daycare summer display?

I cannot count that high. There are so many fridge magnets, you cannot see the fridge. We also have at least 3 magnetic grocery lists, the lunch menu for the grade school for the month, my older daughter's 3 month's worth of scripts, because it's a med we can not "refill", any number of coupons, my younger daughter's "reading calendar" to keep track of the time she spends reading daily

9. How often do you wash your beach towel and swimmers?

It depends how much you use it, if anything you should just rinse it out and dry it, but if your using it multiple times a week then atleast once that week

10. i want to hang a beach towel on my wall as a backdrop for photos..what can i hang it with?

Take a look at some of the wall hangers 3M have on the market. They have one hanger that attaches to the wall & when you wish to remove it, you pull down a piece of what looks like gum. It wo not leave a mark on the wall & it's sturdy. :).

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