Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Curtain

Do you want to know about curtain? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Curtain 1

1. I am looking for a denim shower curtain and can't find one anywhere...where can I find one of these?

They most likely do not exist because shower curtains are made to catch and repel water. A Denim one would absorb it and mold would start growing

2. want personal pictures on curtain material. What's a simple, inexpensive, way to do this? anyone done this?

I HAVE done this! You will need to buy TRANSFER /iron on paper that you put thru your computer! If you have words, be sure to set your printer to mirror image. Also, wash your curtains first, so it sticks better! I have made bags and t-shirts for my kids that turned out great. The less laundering you do to it, the better it will hold up! Sounds like a great project!.

Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Curtain 2

3. Shower curtains come with liners and curtain rods? I want to get the zebra shower curtain at Target for 19.99?

I do not know what you are asking exactly, but if it's that your local Target does not have that one in stock, they will probably order it in for you or call other Target stores to fine one. I have had that experience in the past, they are usually glad to help

4. How to Install Curtain Grommets

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your window treatments? Curtains with grommets look stylish and are simple to make and hang. The benefits of grommet curtains are that they hang without clips-just slide the grommets right onto a curtain rod-and they add a modern style to a room, fitting well with an eclectic or contemporary dcor. For our project we used plastic curtain grommets that snap into place. These grommets are suitable for sheer to drapery weight fabrics and can be installed without an installation tool. Traditional metal grommets also work well in curtains, but do require the use of some installation tools. In this video, Eric demonstrates how to install the curtain grommets to make a shower curtain. The steps are the same for window curtains or drapes for your home or boat. How to Install Curtain Grommets in Just 4 Steps Trace the shape of the grommet. Use a template if provided. Insert the raised eyelet side of the grommet through the hole on the right side of the fabric. Snap or install the pronged side of the grommet onto the raised eyelet side.

5. How do you thoroughly clean a shower curtain liner?

Does anyone know of a shower liner that is machine washable over and over? I hate to keep buying new ones and putting more crap in the land fill. Also some of those cheap ones, have bad chemicals that come out over time. I see the suggestion of putting them with towels, but can not imagine that it would be good done many times. Thanks.

6. What's the difference between a shower curtain and a roll of toilet paper?

i agree if they do not know the difference i do not want them in my house either wiping there *ss with my shower curtain. and the alternative proves u and i do not want them in our house either if they do not know the difference of what to use to wipe their *ss with

7. what is the best way to clean your shower curtain.?

You are doing it. If you have curtain hooks that are hard to get off it might help to get better hooks and make the task less of a pain

8. Would this purple curtain clash with my sky blue walls? (Picture included)?

I like both ideas. Purple and blue do go together. Maybe try a white bedding set with some purple and blue accent pieces around your room.

9. White painted wall, curtain color?

A reddish brown. Some type of earth tone color would also look alright

10. How to Wash a Plastic Shower Curtain With Salt

Add salt to the arsenal of cleaning products in your kitchen pantry, alongside baking soda and vinegar. There's no need to invest in a spray to prevent mildew on your shower curtain when you have salt water. After giving your plastic shower curtain a spin through the washing machine, a salt-water soak gives it a layer of mildew-fighting power. Best of all, this all-natural mildew solution contains no toxic chemicals that are bad for your family or the environment. Wash your shower curtain in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Arrange the shower curtain evenly in a top-loading machine to balance the load. Add a few towels to provide extra scrubbing in the wash. Use warm water and half the recommended amount of detergent for one load. Add one cup of vinegar to the wash water. Remove the shower curtain from the washing machine. Close your bathtub drain and lay the shower curtain in the tub, spreading it out evenly. Fill the tub with just enough hot water to cover the shower curtain. As the hot water fills the tub, pour 1 cup of salt under the running faucet. Swish the water around with your hands to dissolve all the salt and cover the shower curtain. Soak the shower curtain for three hours. Drain the bathtub and hang the curtain up on the curtain rings to dry. S.R. Becker is a certified yoga teacher based in Queens, N.Y. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and has worked as a writer and editor for more than 15 years. Becker often writes for "Yoga in Astoria," a newsletter about studios throughout New York City.

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