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Copper is a beautiful red-hued metal that's often used in jewelry and decorative arts, but there's far more to it. This mineral is naturally found in the bodies of plants and animals, where it fights disease and helps cells to develop and survive. It's also one of the most powerful antimicrobials found in nature, killing over 99% of germs upon contact.We need trace amounts of copper in our diet to remain healthy, but the benefits of this miracle metal are also available in the form of copper infused clothing. By incorporating copper ions within the fibers of different materials, we can enjoy antibacterial protection and thermal regulation through simple daily-use items such as socks, underwear, pajamas and even bed linen!Copper-infused clothing and accessories are changing the face of the healthcare industry across various segments. Let's look at 5 areas where the health benefits of copper clothing are most obvious, and why copper-infused products are becoming popular with people who suffer from certain conditions.5 Health and Wellness Benefits of Copper ClothingHere are some of the main ways in which people are benefiting from the health-boosting powers of copper:The Copper Revolution is Spreading across SectorsCopper has been used for contact surfaces in healthcare and food settings for many years now, but it's becoming common in other applications as well. Thanks to modern science and technological innovations, we've been able to harness its benefits in an unbelievable variety of products, and there's plenty more to come!

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