How to Clean Glass Without Glass Cleaner?

Very simple to use rubbing alcohol mixed with water -- I use paper towels to wipe dry -- never had a problem with streaks also do this with my glass coffee table!

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Is it okay to have clothes that shouldn't be tumble-dried lightly centrifuged at room temperature, in a plain washing machine, so that they come out humid, but not dripping?

Typically, yes.As with everything READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. The instructions are there for the best lifespan of whatever you are dealing with.Fabrics that should not be dried are usually sensitive to heat like microfiber towels, or silk.Modern dryers are much better at low heat settings, or simply dehumidifying depending on design, but always consider the article of fabric first. The other thing is, it may cause excessive wrinkling. In cases like these, it is usually best to hang them and let them just air dry.Is it okay to have clothes that shouldn't be tumble-dried lightly centrifuged at room temperature, in a plain washing machine, so that they come out humid, but not dripping?.


Are microfiber towels better for drying a freshly-washed vehicle than a chamois?

Definitely yes, a microfiber towel is significantly better for drying your vehicle over a chamois.After the pain of conditioning a chamois towel, you lay it flat on your vehicle and pull it towards you. Because it is a flat surface, it causes suction and drags across the surface much like a squeegee. The issue with this is its you were to have a particle of dirt, small rock, or even hard water you are dragging these against the surface instilling scratches and swirls. Throw that (along with your California disaster and sponges) in the trash if you are trying to take care of your vehicle.A microfiber towel (highly recommend the Dreadnaut from Autofiber) doesn't suffer from those issues, plus you can wash microfiber (warm water, no heat drying, liquid detergent with no detergent or other additives, wash microfiber with microfiber only). com/product/dreadnought-microfiber-double-twist-pile-drying-towel-20-in-x-30-in-1100gsm-1-pack/Are microfiber towels better for drying a freshly-washed vehicle than a chamois?


What is the best cloth diaper insert?

It depends on your preference and your budget. Old cotton t shirts can be harvested on a tight budget and supplemented with inexpensive microfiber toweling. Or an industrial supply of terry hand towels or tea towels, or flour sack towels. Microfiber should always be covered by cotton or other natural fiber (or warped in it). This prevents microfiber from drawing fluid out of skin/tissues by direct contact. It will also help to prevent compression leakage, microfiber holds much fluid, but gives it up quickly when swished. If you can afford more, inserts made of 100%cotton or blends of cotton-bamboo-hemp in woven, knit, terry and other fabrics are available as well as layered with cotton or microfiber or with stay dry lining. Many people like using prefold diapers or other diapers pad folded into wet zone or used to stuff pocket diapers. I would have a mix of these diapers and inserts. Daytime, nighttime, special events have different needs.What is the best cloth diaper insert?Which fabric is best for diaper inserts?


When to wipe off grout Haze

The longer you wait when trying to remove the grout the harder it gets, in your picture that is more than a haze, it should have been sponged more, but it's ok, you still need to remove the access by hard scrubbing with and plastic scraper, sponge with a corse side and water, if it does not have a high gloss look you can use a steel wool


Where to buy a microfiber towel in Taipei? closed

I am sure there are plenty of options, but I would try the nearest Decathlon : looks like there are at least three of them in Taipei


Do microfiber towels scratch cars?

Yes, but significantly less then most any other material. We are discussing very small fine scratches that are practically in discernable without a magnification device. Why even Mentone it? Because over the course of time the build up to become an issue which might need to be addressed. To minimize scratches, you should always use a lubricant such as a quick detailer or rinseless solution to wipe your vehicle with. Also maintaining your towels properly is essential as the fibers are synthetic and if you perhaps washed or dried them on high heat, the type will melt and those will scratch.On some paint, not scratching the surface is a true treat of patience. Harley Davidson black, especially the sale bags are a real pain to finish down without those light scratches from the towel. Chevy and GMC black are also notorious culprits.Do microfiber towels scratch cars?


Why use chamois for drying cars?

Drying a car is vital to avoid water drying on the surface.Normal tap water contains minerals. When the water evaporates, these minerals etch into your paintwork, causing permanent water spots and fading.That said, using a traditional chamois is not a great choice. While they absorb water, the material of a chamois can not absorb dirt particles.Instead, a chamois will drag these dirt particles over the surface, causing micro scratches and swirl marks. Giving your car that 'hazed' look. If you don't have access to a high pressure air blower, using a quality microfiber towel to dry your car is the safest option.Quality microfiber will absorb water and dirt particles, allowing you to dry your car safely and quicker than you would with a traditional chamois.Why use chamois for drying cars?


Can a bath really kill a rabbit?

We also had to bathe our bunny from time to time. He had gotten quite old and wasn't able to clean himself anymore. His bunny wife had died already so she also couldn't help him out. So it was definitely necessary as otherwise all his fur at the back would just become one big matted clump. Apart from that we knew our bunnies quite well and they were very capable of showing if they didn't like something. I guess the more interesting question would be what is going on in the brains of all those people discussing about that topic.

Anyway here is our bunny in the bath: ------

Paint quality of used cars closed

Paint damage is caused by stone chips, hail, clumsy parking etc. "Improper washing" is so far down the list as to be unnoticeable. Sure, you're going to find a few scratches if you go over the paintwork with a microscope, the best way to cope with that is to ignore them.


How to clean iMac screen?

You definitely want to be careful so as not to damage the anti-glare coating that Apple puts on your screen at the factory. Though this method does stray from the official cleaning instructions from Apple, I've had very good results using the following method to get a pristine, streak-free screen which honors the clarity of the Retina displays on my iMac 27" and MacBook Pro.Cleaning Method:


Why do I have shiny patches where I touched up paint on my walls?

I don't know what type of paint is that you used (not trade mark and manufacturer but what type from the chemical point of view. But that's not really important. From my experience problem is that you just painted some places on the wall; patches.This is why you can spot differences. You should always paint over the whole wall, or at least one part which is, visually separated from the rest.


fuel damaged body panel, how to repair?

Honestly that really does not look too bad.Try a good polish yourself with a proper coumpound and a good clean microfiber towel.

I could recommend to buy a suite of polish, coumpounds and power tools but since you have no experience in that area, it could be worse since power tools can eat through clear/paint.So the best way for you is to apply some dabs of cutting coumpound of the panel, get some on your micro fiber towel and just start rubbing !

Once most of the stain has disappeared, a good polish will give your clear its shine back. Be warned this process is long and hard on the arms (around 1 to 5 hours rubbing).The only risk is that the other panels will look bad compared to the one you worked on. :) ------

How effective are microfiber cloths at cleaning?

Hi,hope my answer may help youBasically,it's made from two material:POLYESTER & POLYAMIDEPolyester:scrabing and cleaning functionPOLYAMIDE:elastic and good absorption functionCombining with these two material as a tiny fiber,microfiber towel can do perfectly on absorption and cleaning,it can absorb 78 times of its weight in liquid,dust,unlike cotton towels,microfiber towels will only absorb the dust or liquid between fibers,not combine it like cotton towels,so microfiber towels are much easier to cleaning dust or stainsonly with water without any detergent.How effective are microfiber cloths at cleaning?


How can I make my car interior look like luxury car's interior?

Professional detailing can cost around $350, but doing yourself interior maintenance can be surprisingly inexpensive and straightforward. Here are some tips;Steering Wheel Use spray cleaner into soft bristle brush. Agitate surface to release dirt. Grip the steering wheel using a microfiber towel and dry to a matte finish. Grip the steering wheel using microfiber towel and dry to a matte finish.For the dashboards imply use a microfiber towel with a small amount of cleaner applied on it.Carpet: Pre-treat the area with fabric cleaner then wait for an hour or so. Then scrub and heat fibers with a steam machine. Then scrub using a carpet brush. Brush in opposing directions. Remove dirt and moisture using microfiber towel. Use hot water extractor in crisscross pattern, so that all fibers are heat treated. Follow up with a quick vacuum. 5. Brush all fiber in one direction. Then just vacuum again and you are done!How can I make my car interior look like luxury car's interior?


What are some special tools that janitors use to clean the bathroom?

It depends on what kind of bathrooms you are talking about. nIn standard office buildings, you need disinfectant, microfiber towels, glass cleaner, bowl cleaner, germicidal floor cleaner etc...n nIn an industrial faciltiy you might want to consider purchasing a machine like a Kia Vac designed for cleaning everything in a bathroom from walls to to floors. n nFor an idea on chemicals and other materials search out professional janitorial sites such as the ones listed below.n nThese are all sites offering free information and assistance to people in the janitorial and residential cleaning field.What are some special tools that janitors use to clean the bathroom?.


Can polishing remove scratches on a car?

Yes definitely. Polishing itself means removal of scratches and getting a crystal clear surface. Depending on the car polish product that you use, not only you can get rid of scratches, but also get a mirror look on your car.You can buy scratch-removal products at auto supply stores or in the auto supply section of large one-stop stores. They generally come in form of kit-that has the cleaner, sealant, micro-fiber towel etc. Some of the well-known car polisher products are those of Chemical Guys, TopCoat, Meguiar's etc.If you are unsure about what types of scratch removal product to buy, ask a sales associate for help. Employees who work in auto supply stores are usually knowledgeable about these products.A microfiber towel is often a good choice for applying scratch removal products since they are gentle on the surface of your car.Can polishing remove scratches on a car?


microfiber towel to dry car?

This Site Might Help You.


microfiber towel to dry car?

i was told that drying my car after a wash with a regular towel could leave little scratches in the paint. if i use a microfiber towel instead would it be better? thanks


How can I make these semi-gloss paint patches blend with the wall?

I have found that multiple coats to build up the gloss on the patched areas, followed by (after curing for a few days) light rubbing with a microfiber towel or a Mr Clean eraser can knock the gloss down. I have also pondered using burlap but that be too coarse

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