If I Washed My Brand New PVC Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine a Bunch of Times (it Stunk) Is It

Your shower curtain is not going to hurt you. Despite the latest scare tactics and fearmongering from special interest groups, if you wanted to avoid toxic chemicals you would never eat, drink or breathe again. The mere existence of a chemical does not make it toxic. What matters is your level of exposure to that chemical. Too much sunlight can kill you. So can too much water or too much oxygen, but we do not want the government to ban those, do we? Go ahead and wash your shower curtain if you want to or just buy another one

If I Washed My Brand New PVC Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine a Bunch of Times (it Stunk) Is It 1

1. If I washed my brand new PVC shower curtain in the washing machine a bunch of times (it stunk) is it safe?

Depends on the temperature sensitivity of the PVC curtain and if you washed it too hot. May have degraded the chemical composition somewhat which is why is is releasing VOC's now. I new study just came out I heard today on the radio saying some of the VOC's are not safe. Much like the "new car smell" everyone likes. It is really carcinogenic. Up to you like the guy said above, probaby leave it outside a day or 2 and it will go away

2. Will a voile curtain provide enough shade in a south facing window to protect plants from midday sun in summer

It should ... East or West exposure would be much stronger... and, in UK, you may not get as much sun anyways, as I see in Texas

If I Washed My Brand New PVC Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine a Bunch of Times (it Stunk) Is It 2

3. Can I install a curtain inside my car windows, I lived in Houston, Texas. Thank you !?

That depends on your local laws.Here for example , you can tint your windows but it can only be "so" dark.If its too dark , it has to be removed. I would check with your local DMV

4. White walls, beige carpet and a gorgeous blue, red and cream colored quilt. What shade of curtain?

Red is so bold I think one wall will be enough to add some spice to your room. Once you get use to it you can add more if wanted. I think red, brown and black will look ok. And you know what? It is ONLY paint. The cool thing about Paint is You can paint over it if you do not like it. If the red is jumping out at you, I say go for it

5. i want a air diffuser that makes a curtain of air buubles on one side of the tank?

dont forget about a check valve, and air pumps are usually rated by the size of a tank

6. How do I clean a vinyl shower curtain without a washing machine?

spray it with a product like lime away, then rinse really well

7. Can someone please explain to me about eh Iron Curtain? read on?

After WWII Germany was divided into four zones with France, Britain, America and the USSR controlling each. Berlin, which was in the USSR's zone, was similarly divided between the four powers. By the late 1940s relations between the western powers and the USSR had worsened and people in Berlin were fleeing the totalitarian controlled sector to live in the US/British and French sectors. The Berlin wall was constructed to prevent them from leaving

8. What are some ways to prevent the shower curtain from moving inward and sticking to you during your shower?

you need to have space a the top for the steam to escape

9. Ideas for Living room curtain colors?

Color helps set the tone and feel of a room. Consider whether you want the window to blend in to the surrounding or to be the focal point. Matching the wall/window trim color or using a neutral will cause the window to visually recede. To draw attention to the window use color and pattern. I would pick a Supreme stripe pinch pleated drape. They are striped with olive green and red and go well with the olive green walls and hard wood floor.

10. POLL: Shower curtain, or sliding glass door for bathtub?

Glass door. But it came of the track recently, so it hardly moves. it's so frustrating!

11. why is my cloth-like (polyester) shower curtain liner molding so quickly?

Everything molds that does not dry out between uses. Wash it in detergent and a little bleach. If you are not sure if you can bleach it, then use ammonia. Then hang it back in the shower. Pull it so it is all the way across the rod, and turn on a fan. NOT the exhaust fan, as that will take all the air out of your place, and if you are paying for A/C or heat, that is not going to help the bill. My hubby leaves the damp shower curtain smashed up on one side, and it mildews easily. I wash our shower curtain in bleach and detergent monthly; it's easier than changing his habit. I've tried!

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