Knowledge About the Curtain

1. Cloth art national amorous feelings of The curtain

In addition to the complete cloth qualitative furniture, cloth material often applied with cany material or paper fine collocation, let users more comfortable, and let the colour of cany qualitative and paper fiber is more rich and changeful. Italian style used cloth products, still not divorced from its concise and easy design principles, often in very bright or extremely cold tone of single color cloth material to reveal the individual character of furniture itself. These from Italy, Australia, Israel, Britain, Germany, bed is tasted, expensive, but with its luxury features aroused people's concern. Exquisite artistic style in Italy Characteristics: emphasizing the exquisite printing and dyeing technology and art Van gogh, monet and brand will be printed art master of painting masterpieces in bed is tasted, although the color is dark, but always can find a bosom friend. It is said that Italy's dyeing and printing bedding also maintained a clean record of hundreds of thousands of times will not fade, so treat it as a work of art to the collection, too much. Australia the pursuit of comfortable feeling Characteristic: soft and comfortable texture, low-key colour While australians are crude and refined personality also incisively and vividly manifested in bed is tasted, use cotton woven lace lace and Australia's unique baker buttons, let bedding also show a little taste of luxuriant in low profile. Israel flower-like pattern is the most famous Features: flower pattern in full, have stereo feeling Israel, bed is tasted flower color is very bold, often use full contrast color to show stereo feeling, flowers in the bed is tasted the most classic white flower design. Israel's bed is tasted, except for its design and color is tempting also USES 100% Egyptian cotton to increase the comfort of a bed is tasted, this kind of cotton growth in Egypt due to direct sunlight for a long time and has a full and elastic texture, and then through fine hydrophobic processing, has the good elasticity, even after compression for a long time to also won't be out of shape. The Persian classical mysterious amorous feelings Dressed in national costumes of all kinds of characters, forms of animals and birds, flower and some historical themes, can become the content of the Persian carpet pattern. As like to choose some copper jewelry, not only have certain echo, rather than on colour and also on the whole style bring out the best in each other.


2. The additional features of the curtain

The curtain of additional features: 1, flame retardant. In developed countries, the flame retardant, has become a kind of life that relevant laws and regulations has been relatively complete, flame retardant fabrics in families and public places use continues to increase, significant reduction in the number of fire. GB50222-95 code for fire protection design of the building interior decoration decoration materials according to its combustion performance is divided into four levels: Grade decorative materials combustion performance A noncombustible B1 flame retardant B2 flammability B3 flammability The Ministry of Public Security fire department on July 1, 2008 public places must use flame retardant products, otherwise the acceptance will not be passed. 2, heat insulation. Winter, from the human body and indoor heat radiation on the curtain of the vast majority of objects, and will be reflected curtain, effectively prevent heat loss, improve the room temperature. 3, one-way perspective. According to the principle of optical, adopt unique weaving technology, produced a one-way perspective curtain, the curtain inside to see outside during the day, can't see the indoor, outdoor in the effective guarantee of privacy at the same time also can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. 4, and uv protection. According to Japanese chemical fiber products quality technology center determination results, easy to spinning curtain can block 99.8% uv invasion, from uv damage, make the bedroom becomes real security work, have a rest harbour. 5, antibacterial mouldproof. Family, office, use is advantageous to the inhabitants and the user's health. 6, waterproof. The curtain cloth after nano materials and nano technology processing, water doesn't touch. 7, prevent oil. Curtain cloth treated by nano materials and nano technology, even with the oil, it is ok to use paper towels. 8, dustproof. Curtain cloth treated by nano materials and nano technology, never be stained with dust. 9, anti-static. Curtain cloth, treated by nano materials and nano technology has the anti-static function, as long as the air flow, antistatic effect significantly.

Knowledge About the Curtain 1


3. The classification of fashion curtain is introduced of The curtain

Look from the type, the curtain of a fashion at present basically has the following kinds: shutter Additional, still can shading, ventilation, fire prevention, use after a period of time to get down and cleaning more convenient also. Like quiet, simple, suitable for use of shutter, a western room better with effect of shutter shade. Shutter is monochrome, color, and a curtain is a whole design. Roman shade Due to the fabric on the market are generally width of 1.4 meters, so the installation of Roman shade the window width in 1.4 meters the following, best middle without seams, can buy the cloth with a length. Plastic aluminum shutter curtain In order to adapt to the demand of household, the shutter color on the market at present is more, it is no longer the polished white. Wood woven shade Now many people are in pursuit of a kind to return uncut jade to put in feeling, wood woven shade to become a fashion, wooden curtain, wooden knitting weaving, bamboo weaving, reed, cane knits. Real wood knits shade hard straight stick, the surface is very smooth. Bamboo curtain and reed screen But their price is very cheap, if use the mildew insect a year later, can be replaced. Rattan shade Among all kinds of wood knits shade, belongs to the most aristocratic products, made from bamboo skin, sun deformation, permeability is good, suitable for summer use. Above all kinds of wood woven shade need to absorb the dust with cleaner can clean up. Whenever the best tracery is cloth art, only constantly updated on type and material, make it more perfect functional and decorative. Vertical curtain According to the appearance can be divided into: straight road vertical blinds, vertical curtain can be bent. Venetian blinds Manual and electric two control ways.

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