Making Lined / Interlined Curtains Part 2

above left: on the right side of the curtain, measure down 3.5″ across the top of the curtain using a ruler and fabric marker (you already pressed over 1/2″ along the top; you are measuring from that fold, not the raw edge). you can just make little dots every so many inches. lay your lining piece right side down on the curtain. the top, raw edge of the lining should rest along the markings you just made so that the top of the lining is 3.5″ below the top of the curtain. above right: along the bottom of the curtain, your lining should sit about 1.5″ above the bottom of the curtain so that it does not show.

Making Lined / Interlined Curtains Part 2 1

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what's the right way to put house curtains?

you are right.curtain should be suitable for interior design and we put it in interior design category not in external finishes. the color of curtain should match with wall paint and the furniture which are in the room.

I have a plastic shower curtain, I got from Target.?

Making Lined / Interlined Curtains Part 2 2

Put it in the washer, warm water and regular detergent. Add about 1 cup of white vinegar. Toss a couple towels in with so help “scrub“ the curtain as it moves about in the washer. Do not use bleach, bleach can damage the plastic. White vinegar will help remove the soap scum and will kill any mold and mildew in the process. Hang the shower curtain to dry; do not put in the dryer. Dry the towels as normal.

Is David Rockefeller the man behind the curtain?

He is the man behind 'one' of the curtains, if you wear a tin foil hat, you already know that. It is when they come together behind one curtain that we are all F******

The metal rail that is ment to keep up my shower curtain has broken?

The curtain rod does not come with the shower curtain, have to buy it separate. They are easy to install, can get them at Home Depot, etc, or your local hardware store (if there are any of those left these days). You can buy spring loaded ones that do not need any holes drilled at all. If you do not want to install it, look in your local paper classifieds under “handyman services.“

Is there a tip to place on curtain rods so that you don't shread the curtain when placing on the rod?

Take a tableware knife (not sharp) and insert the blade end into the rod. The dull point of the handle will allow the curtain to slide without catching

How do I clean vintage curtain panels without dry-cleaning?

Here is my experience. I bought a house with all kinds of musty curtains. I gave some of them to Goodwill. One room with three windows had one pair that someone obviously tried to wash. The fabric shrunk, but the lining did not . So I washed the others in warm water by machine. Hung them to dry. Ironed them. Now they all match. I made some pretty tiebacks. Very happy with the result. Maybe you should just form a “What is the worst that could happen?“ mindset. Throw them in the washer. Musty curtains are a drag and drycleaning is a costly.

I had custom curtains installed floor to ceilling. Do I have to install crown molding behing the curtain rod?

If the curtains were not there, the crown moulding would continue through the entire room. I suggest you take the drapes off and install the crown will only make the room look grander if the moulding continues and it will cheapen the room if it stops when everyone knows it should not

POLL: Shower curtain, or sliding glass door for bathtub?

Shower curtain. Every sliding glass door in showers that I ever had was difficult to keep clean. Shower curtains can be washed or changed

What type of adhesive is recommended for a curved shower curtain rod on ceramic tile?

If your tile layout and curtain bracket allow it, you could position thins so your holes end up through the grout lines. That way, if you want to take the curtain down, it would be relatively easy to fix: grind out a little more grout, and fill it in again

where would i put a curtain rod if there is molding on the outside of the window?

curtain rod, do you mean the type you pull on cords to slide them open and closed? this type or even the type you just pull by hand, all you need do is mount the a couple inches out side molding, maybe a center support. you can dress it up like the pros; if you like, build an open bottom box slightly longer than your window, cover this with fabric, wall paper, paint or what ever matches your decor. attach this to wall with top of curtain inside box. you can even mount your rod to the inside of this box.

make simple curtain 64 in long 28 in wide, have rod, need alternative ideas to hang, hoops gromets tabs????

good answers-- a idea-- get some twill tape (comes in packages of I think 3 yards) in multiple colors-- cut pieces and sew to curtain in middle of the piece of twill tape-- then tie over the rod-- Gromets take special tools or actions and you need them to be the size of the rod. Tabs work but you will need fastners-- button and buttonhole... or snap front and back for each tab fancier-- there is drapery tape that you sew on flat then use metal finger things to make the curtain have .....pleats! 64 by 28 is an un usual measurement-- long skinney top of wall window? den type place? -- twill tape will do good. 28 inches wide-- plus another piece the same-- two sides of the window? good luck

what does a curtain wall mean in building construction?

Curtain wall is a term used to describe a building façade which does not carry any dead load from the building other than its own dead load. These loads are transferred to the main building structure through connections at floors or columns of the building. A curtain wall is designed to resist air and water infiltration, wind forces acting on the building, seismic forces, and its own dead load forces. Curtain walls are typically designed with extruded aluminum members, although the first curtain walls were made of steel. The aluminum frame is typically infilled with glass, which provides an architecturally pleasing building, as well as benefits such as daylighting and environmental control. Other common infills include: stone veneer, metal panels, louvers, and operable windows or vents. Curtain walls differ from storefront systems in that they are designed to span multiple floors, and take into consideration design requirements such as: thermal expansion and contraction; building sway and movement; water diversion; and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting in the building.

How can I prevent curtain rings from catching on the joint between rod sections?

If it is a white pole, a bit of white electrical insulating tape wrapped around to smooth out the transition can help, but may not be durable. It is however a cheap option to try out.I have used a thick plastic adhesive tape ("Ezyglide Tape", I guess other makes may be available) on my extending metal shower curtain pole and it works well enough. It goes on the top along the length of the pole and, as well as stopping the metal curtain loops scratching, smooths out the transition:.

Canon native flash off-camera second-curtain-sync: any news?

No, there's no news. And the -RT system can not do 2nd-curtain any more than the Canon "smart" optical system was ever able to do it for, what was it, 14 years (the 550EX was introduced in 1998) before the RT system was introduced in 2012? Not sure why you would think this picture would change. If you want a built-in radio triggering system that does 2nd curtain, get a Yongnuo flash with a built-in transceiver, or a Godox TT685C/V860IIC and XproC, or Phottix Mitros and Odin II or whatever. If you do not like your Yongnuo gear, dump it and move on. And while you would prefer an OEM system, if the OEM system does not do what you want, then you have to settle for 3rd party. Frankly, this just sounds like complaining that Canon wo not do what you want. While it's understandable, it does not actually do much good. Canon still has not made an EF-S 35mm f/1.8, either, despite all of us crop shooters pointing out how it would be nice if they did, like Nikon has. :)

What can I use as a "U" shaped curtain rod?

If you can put holes in the ceiling, you could hang the curtain down that way, I've never seen a curtain rod that is made to stick out more than 6 inches or so from the wall

how to make or hang up curtain rod with minimal wall damage?

How about hanging them from the ceiling? Using screw eyes and clip rings. If you use a handful of those you do not even need a curtain rod, just fasten the clips to the curtains. Good luck

What height are curtain pulls(hooks) and tassles supposed to be hung at? They are regular 84" curtains...?

I think that you are talking about tiebacks, I usually put them about 36“ from the floor, keeping in line with the outside edge of curtain. but you can do what looks best in your space.There is no set rule anyway I dont think Martha Stewart is coming over !But I do this for a living, and thats the usual height I install the hooks for tiebacks. you can change them if you dont like it , just spackle the hole. or have someone hold them and stand back and look

Is it safe to wash my shower curtain in the washing machine?

I wash my shower curtain with a load of towels. The terry cloth towel seems to help rub off anything on the shower curtain. Just don't put it in the dryer, and you will be fine, I'm sure.

Are there holiday themed curtain rods available

Holiday-themed curtain rods are difficult to find in stores. However, you can very easily make your own. Attach favorite ornaments with varying lengths of fishing line to your curtain rod or wrap it with artificial greenery for a charming. Christmas. effect.

What color window curtains should I do for my dinning room and family room?

I would try a beige color that matches your couch.

My thinking behind this:

You have dark floors, therefore you want something light above that isn't going to compete with the flooring.

You can add art work and throw pillows to bring color into the room.

Style of curtains change often. Therefore, if you buy a universal curtain that goes with anything you won't have to change it over time. You can just change the pillows when you want to.

What colour decor would go best with silver/grey curtains?

It also depends on how light/dark you want the curtains, or if windows need to be insulated, etc. We have a bedroom that has antique mahogany furniture. Because the furniture is dark and is very large, I used taupe draperies over mini-blinds. The drapes help to make the room appear larger and the mini-blinds help with sun issues, such as heat, cold and rotting of the curtain material. Have fun with your project!

Should I put a curtain up in the door way of 4 year old's room?

Doors really aren't that expensive, depending on quality you could probably pick one up for the same price as curtains, even a specially made one shouldn't cost you too much. But yes a curtain would work and I think you should put one up.

what the heck is a curtain wall?

A curtain wall in a castle was the outside wall used to to protect the bailey or inside courtyard. Many castles had two walls, an outside curtain wall and another smaller wall inside as a last level of protection for the castle itself

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