McGuire's in-law Thought They 'were the Perfect Couple'

William McGuire's sister, Cindy Ligosh, testified today that she did not try to frame her sister-in-law for his murder, and that she thought he and his wife, Melanie, "were the perfect couple."Ligosh also testified there were extra throw pillows in the Woodbridge apartment the couple shared, including ones that were rust-colored, beige and green. Assistant Attorney General Patricia Prezioso said she will argue that green fibers on a bullet recovered from William McGuire's body came from a throw pillow used by his wife when she fatally shot him.Melanie McGuire, a 34-year-old nurse, is accused of drugging, shooting and dismembering her husband in April 2004. She denies any role in the killing.Asked by defense attorney Joseph Tacopina why she didn't mention the extra pillows previously to police, Ligosh said she was not told of any problems the state had in their murder theory involving throw pillows.Ligosh briefly became emotional when she held a bracelet and a wedding band that authorities say belonged to her brother. Both items were mailed to Prezioso, along with an anonymous letter, after McGuire was arrested in 2005.Authorities also charge McGuire with stuffing her husband's remains in three matching suitcases and dumping them in the Cheseapeake Bay. They were recovered during three days in May 2004.A State Police detective testified today his measurements of the guardrail along the Cheseapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel's emergency stopover spots was 31 inches, almost the same size as the matching luggage that William McGuire's remains were wrapped inside.In their intial investigation of the homicide, Virginia Beach Police theorized the luggage was dumped off the bridge into the waters below. They were recovered in the vicinity of the bridge on three different dates in May 2004.The defense has argued that Melanie McGuire could not have dumped the suitcases by herself, as the state charges. The defense also claims that William McGuire was a high roller at Atlantic City, and was killed after amassing huge gambling debts.Prosecutors charge Melanie McGuire killed her husband because she was having an affair with a doctor at the clinic where she worked. She remains free on $2.1 million bail.Contributed by Suleman Din

McGuire's in-law Thought They 'were the Perfect Couple' 1

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