Most Frequently Asked Questions on Beach Towel

Do you want to know about beach towel? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Beach Towel 1

1. A Green towel bled onto a beach towel, can I get the green off of the beach towel? I haven't dried the towel.

I had this happen with red sweat pants that bled on a yellow shirt. I thought the shirt was a loss, so I placed it in a load, with a cap of that new gel bleach, ( it is more gentle, but it is still bleach) I was amazed that the shirt came out free of red, and very little fading! The bleach is put out by clorox

2. if you could buy a new beach towel, it would most likely have...?

big and bold shapes i have a playboy one that i love xxx

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Beach Towel 2

3. True or False: You own a beach towel ?

Mine is green with a green and blue turtle on it

4. Survey : When Was The Last Time You Needed A Beach Towel !?

Last week when I went to the beach! . . . I did not go in the ocean though. Very cold! I had to wash off the sand outside before taking a shower inside or it would ruin the plumbing. A beach towel is also very handy when you are tanning on the beach. Of course I guess you could bring a regular towel but a beach towel is usually not as plush so it does not pick up as much sand.

5. Where can I find a really REALLY big beach towel in the UK?

try TALL R US there in brighton i think

6. hawaii packing list?

swim suits, shorts, a skirt or sundress, flip flops, tank tops, a hat, suntan lotion,beach towel, shoes (sandals and tennis shoes) sunglasses and lots of $$

7. Cabana Beach Towel for wedding favor?

I think its a cute idea! Please be safe in Mexico tho... Good Luck and Best Wishes!

8. What picture does your favorite beach towel have on it?

Daisy Duke......and people wonder why I spend some much time on the beach

9. Which is better: a twix bar or a beach towel?

do not know what your doing with it but definately a twix bar-very versatile! Yummy cold, eat the choclate off, then the carmel then enjoy the cookie. Mmmm

10. i want to hang a beach towel on my wall as a backdrop for photos..what can i hang it with?

Velcro but that might take the paint off the wall when you take it down humm you can try the sticky Putty for posters might not stick to the towel you can try the hooks that have the sticky stuff on the back with out holes a towel will be hard to hang. I have a idea get some needle and thread no Fancy job just loop it on the corners at the top as making a loop for a hook after that then get the hooks with the sticky stuff on the back and hang it that will work . have fun good luck

11. A man running around in his underwear with a beach towel for a cape – Crazy Person or Super Hero?

Crazy Super Hero !! 8>)

12. How can a make a beach towel using bulletin board paper for daycare summer display?

make the background tan like beach sand and cut a piece of striped paper in the shape of a beach towel

13. The beach towels I have seen are cheap and skimpy. I do own one beach towel though that is big on quality.?

i've found some pretty good scores at Marshalls from time to time and a good beach towel is worth it

14. why did the lady stare at me when i kissed the Captain jack sparrow beach towel at target?

Because she had just seen an Orlando Bloom fan wipe her nose on it...!!! lulu

15. When you start using your last beach towel after the shower is it time to do laundry?

no you can use it again if you hang it up to dry. Now if you run out of underware and have used them again insideout 1 time then it is time to do laundry

16. True or False: You own a beach towel ?

2. Pink and green. I dunno. Never actually looked at the patterns. They were gifts.

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