Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain

Here are top 10 questions about curtain asked by people online.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain 1

1. Who coined the phrase "Iron Curtain"?

Perhaps the first recorded use of the term 'Iron Curtain' was in 1920, by Ethel Snowden, in the book Through Bolshevik Russia, but its metaphoric, non-Soviet use appeared in Scandinavian books as early as 1901, moreover, H. G. Wells used Iron Curtain in describing "enforced privacy" in The Food of the Gods. German politician and Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels was the first to refer to an "Iron Curtain" coming down across Europe after World War II, in a manifesto he published in the German newspaper Das Reich in February 1945. The term was not widely used until March 5, 1946, when Winston Churchill popularised it in his address "Sinews of Peace"

2. what color of sofa would be beautiful with butter yellow/brown curtain.?

A darker brown would pop nicely

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain 2

3. What is the best color curtain in our living room?pls help me?

what color is your carpet or floor? try to get curtains that have the color of your flooring along with colors of your couch and walls then use accent pieces of black in your room

4. Why is 'Salt Asbestos Curtain' the Aperture Science motto?

First off, it's not the company motto, it's an ad campaign.Aperture Science was a shower curtain company producing deadly shower Curtains before they became better known for developing the portal gun.Basically, you are reading the phrase the wrong way. It's not "Salt Asbestos Curtain", it's "Salt", "Asbestos", and "Curtains". I am not sure quite where the Salt comes in

5. How do you keep mold from forming on a fabric shower curtain liner?

Keep Shower Curtain From Molding

6. What supplies do I need to make my own guinea pig cage?

It is very simple, it will be cheaper to use a shower curtain base, or you can use coroplast if you can find it. You will need: -Grid wire shelving -Cable ties -Scissors -Binder clips (for shower curtain base) -Shower curtain For the coroplast you will need: -Grid wire shelving -Cable ties -Scissors (might need box cutter to cut coroplast. Not sure) -Coroplast -Measuring tape -Pencil or sharpie I used the shower curtain base for MY cage but if you think the coroplast will be easier, I guess go ahead! The only thing that sounds hard is the cutting of the coroplast. With the shower curtain, you might need to cut out a hole in it for the water bottle. I personally think the shower curtain cage is much easier but might be harder to clean. Whichever you prefer. Good luck!:)

7. Where can I find a longer-than-standard Shower Curtain?

I found two websites that sale them for you. These may be even cheaper than Lowes or Home Depot. How would it look if you brought the shower curtain rods down?

8. Curtain help please what color?

most rods adjust,,, its just 1 rod inside another and can be easily for the color i would recomend a light powder blue or light powder green.............measure from just outside the wood trim around the window. .... if the width is 42 add about a foot for the curtain

9. Holiday Game Show Question "Which Curtain?

Ok, to begin with, there is a 33.333... % shot he will get it, then once the curtain is raised, his chances go from not 50%, but 66.667 % of getting it right because he began at a 1 in 3 shot, the when one goes away, it increases it to 66.667 %, but still a 1:2 probability! So he should a) keep the original curtain!

10. Curtain Transition Powerpoint 2008 Mac?

Learn to Google "How to do it Start with a blank slide, and follow these steps: 1. Set the slide background to black. 2. Create a rectangle at the left hand side of the slide, with a height equivalent to the entire height of the slide and a width about one tenth of the width of the whole slide. 3. Format this rectangle by setting the outline to no outline, and the fill to a gradient fill in red, with a vertical pattern so it is lighter in the middle and darker at the edges. 4. Set the entrance animation effect for this shape to Fly In, Set Start to After Previous, Property to from left, and speed to medium. 5. Copy this shape. 6. Paste, and move the resulting shape to the right extreme of the slide to form a symmetrical matching shape on the other side of the slide. By now it should look like this Click to view image. 7. Edit the animation properties of this second shape so that the Property is From Right, and the start is With Previous. 8. Repeat the Paste, and place the pasted shape next to the first one on the left hand side. Retain the existing animation settings. 9. Repeat this process alternating adding shapes to the left and right hand sides in turn (the order is critical) ensuring that all the left hand shapes have Start parameters of After Previous, and Property settings of From Left and those on the right of With Previous and From Right, until you have filled the screen. 10. Finally you may like to add a message such as "That's all folks!" (another homage to classic cinema). This should have animation settings of Appear and After Previous.

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