Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain 1

1. Where can I find a curved shower curtain rod?

Curved bathe rods are astonishing area becoming specific ring. that's stylish, undemanding and discreet. you ought to use it in bathing room. in case you comprehend greater approximately it you may bypass to here link. The link is given under.

2. Is there such a thing as a shower curtain with suction cups?

yes, some have cups, and some have suction cups with hooks on them too, linen and things have them and bed, bath, and beyond

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Curtain 2

3. Which curtain would you choose for prizes?

1 , it's a vette

4. In World War 1.... What was the "Iron Curtain"?

it wasnt ww1 it was the cold war and it was the soviet union pretty much isolating themselves from the rest of the world

5. side curtain airbag deployment?

Here's a site for a company that will help explain airbag failures, accidental airbag deployments and other vehicle related claims. This company works with lawyers and insurance companies to determine the circumstances that led up to these events and helps determine if there is reasonable cause for legal action. In order for an airbag to deploy, certain criteria have to be met and each manufacturer designs their cars differently. The investigations are performed by expert technicians who have been working on airbag systems since they started

6. Curtain Rod not Staying in Wall?

Take it down and polifill the hole.Then go to the hard ware store and get a bigger wall stud and another anchor.By doing this you will distribute the weight of the curtain rod better.then put it back and it should stay

7. What's the best way to hang my curtain?

hang it upside down and then slightly slant it to get a "retard effect"

8. Which Way do You Pull the Shower Curtain?

shower curtain: left, glass screen thing: right

9. Is there any sensible way to have an environmentally friendly shower curtain and liner?

the earth is not dying because of shower curtains. The fuel to heat your shower water is the killer. I wash my plastic shower curtain in the washer on cold - short cycle and it looks brand new after.

10. What was it like behind the Iron Curtain?

It varied between countries and with time. Some constants: - A lack of stuff to buy - the store shelves were either empty or contained utter junk, and some things we in the west take for granted (bananas, anyone?) were luxury items you could only get if you had "connections". - Utter state control - it was illegal to be unemployed, for example, and you needed to get official permission for the most mundane little things (such as moving to a different apartment). Very few people were allowed to have telephones, and at least in the early decades, cameras and typewriters were tracked and occasionally confiscated. - Pervasive government corruption. You could get anything if you paid off the right people, or if you knew someone who knew someone... Graft was not only accepted, it was expected in some situations. - Cynicism/lack of trust. If the government said it, you knew it was false, or at least twisted into something with only the remotest relationship to the truth. The history taught in school was full of communist propaganda. That all said, in some places at some times, life was pretty much just ordinary. You went to work, got paid, had a little fun, went on the occasional vacation to another Eastern bloc country, raised your kids to be cynical like yourself, and life went on, really with no more perceived hardship than an ordinary middle-class life in a western country. Then in other places and times (Romania under Ceauescu, for example), food was so scarce that you hardly noticed that they turned off the electricity at 8 p.m., and you certainly did not have the energy to worry about what nonsense the kids were learning in school.

11. I am looking for a cheap bamboo door curtain any ideas?

IKEA has many models . Home Plaza got many things too .. they both start from 25$ .

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