Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels

Considering that wet Towels may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about wet Towels for you to get started.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels 1

1. Where should I hang my wet towels?

You could drape them over the rod that holds the shower curtains up. That's what I do when I run out of space for the other towels like at a friend's house

2. If you leave wet towels/wash cloths in the hamper can something bad happen?

Yes they can mildew by just a day or two. Try hanging them up overnight that should dry them out just fine and can be put off a day or two before washing. Anytime you have wet towels or clothes it's not good to store them in a hamper, the air can not circulate and it's a breeding zone for bacteria

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels 2

3. Any restaurant give wet towels after dinner?

famous daves BBQ always gives them lunch & dinner

4. Does your cat like to lie on wet towels?

extremely tough factor. do a search over a search engine. that will could help!

5. POLL: How was your day you little wet towels?

Nothing a 6 pack of bud, and a couple dozen cigarettes can not fix

6. how do i stop my female cat from pissen on wet towels?

If she is already spayed, you do not . I never ever could get mine to stop

7. ANSWERS ASAP PLEASE - Toilet overflowed. Can I wash the already sopping wet towels or should I wring them out first?

Wring first. My washer seems to compare load weight and spins until about the same. If wet going in wet going out

8. How to build a gun that shoots wet towels?

Initial thought was a balled-up towel, but you want the sharp slapping effect, so I am gonna go a slightly different route.I am thinking a design similar to a crossbow, except instead of firing in a linear fashion, a high speed arm moves in a semi-circle with one end of the towel (preferably with weighted ends to maintain speed and shape) before release, causing it to fly similarly to a bola or tomahawk, delivering the satisfying wrapping smack so iconic to wet towels.It does not even need to be high-tech, you could probably build one spring-loaded with a trigger release. Especially at short/mid range without becoming lethal. Although practicality probably depends on what size is "standard towel", if we are talking skimpy-wrap hotel-pool towels, then definitely. But if we are talking proper large'n'heavy beach/bath towels then there might be a problem.

9. Why do dogs rub their faces in wet towels?

Because the towel has YOUR scent all over it, and your dog loves you so much that she just wants to be that close to your scent! My puppy does it all the time, you name it, he's in it. Dirty laundry of mine is his favourite, gross, I know lol. When he spends the day with my boyfriend, or overnight with my mom, I always send him off with a t-shirt of mine so he feels like I am close :D.

10. Step Kid and his Company Throw Wet Towels on My Nice Sofa?

This is your home also. You are the lady of the house. Talk with your step child and let him know that this type of disregard is unacceptable by him and his friends and explain why. Children have to be taught to respect their home as well as others home. Also talk with your husband, Sometimes men just do not make a big deal out of things that appear to them to be a household choir. (cleaning).

11. Wet towels? no idea? Please help!?

maybe but does it smell like water?think about that

12. How to dry wet towels in a small bathroom?

Could you attach towel hooks to the back of the door? Depending on the warmth of the room, you do not necessarily need the towels to be completely unfolded for them to dry adequately, so any small door or wall space that has room for a hook could be used to hang them.Another tip is to make sure that all the bathroom users are removing as much water from themselves as possible before resorting to the towels so they have the minimum practical water in them before being hung-up. Personally I use a combination of hands and a face-cloth to "sweep" water into the shower cubicle. The face-cloth can be wrung/squeezed and used multiple times. In a warm climate I often bypass use of the towel completely

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