Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels

Considering that wet Towels may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about wet Towels for you to get started.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels 1

1. If you leave wet towels/wash cloths in the hamper can something bad happen?

They will smell horrible and it will take a few washings to make them better. I usually have my family leave the dirty towels hanging so they dry a little and then put them in a hamper that has "big holes" in it

2. how do you put wet towels and clothes into the dryer?

Just toss them in. Make sure the lint filter is clean. Add a dryer sheet if your family uses them. Shake them when you take them -out- of the dryer.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels 2

3. why do indians take wet towels with them in the bathroom?

my goodness.....if you are genuinely concerned why do not you simply ask

4. how do i stop my female cat from pissen on wet towels?

Try putting the towells in the litter box for a little while, so she learns to go there to piss anyway

5. POLL: How was your day you little wet towels?

Mines been ok so far, I just got up about an hour ago. Sorry to hear yours was not so good you little door knob

6. Help cleaning my carpet. My idiot roommate left wet towels and nasty dirty clothes on the carpet for weeks now

Baking soda should not hourtt the carpet. It should absorb the wetness. I used baking soda and vinegar on a carpet once where a whole bottle of maple syrup was spilled and it did not hur it. You would probably only need baking soda mixed with water and scrub on the spots. Then use a good carpet deodorizer when vacuuming.

7. Would a brown recluse spider hang out in wet towels?

I really hope not! thats scary

8. Where should I hang my wet towels?

Put them on hangers and hang them on the shower curtain rod. Or you can ask your landlord if some can be installed for you. After some time you will ruin your dining room chairs by hanging wet towels on them.

9. How to build a gun that shoots wet towels?

Since there are already plenty of ways mentioned to fire a wet towel somewhere, I have an idea for the 'whip-effect'.Above mentioned arms etc. are nice, but then the gun becomes a whip again, since OP wants a projectile, how about adding some "breaks" to one end of the towel.You could use some kind of parachute or even retrorockets, put them on one end of the towel and fire it at your enemies. Only problem is, that the effect only works for a precalculated/preconsidered range, since the parachute opens more or less always at a certain range, which restircts the range of the towel-whip. With retrorockets one could avoid it by remote triggering the ignition of said rocket to adapt the range of the "gun".Little addendum:In case you want to "pimp" your little shower friendly RAT-gun1, you could add a water tank to your gun, to wet your towel prior to shooting some poor fellow. So the towel wo not go moldy if you do not use your gun for a few days.Added bonus, in case of zombie apocalypses, alien invasions or similar events, switching the water tank for a gas tank2 could give you a little survival boost.1Rocket-Aided-Towel-Gun, not to be mistaken with a device called Rat-gun, which fires vicious little critters and which should be banned in all civilized countries2A burning towel-whip-projectile, ignited by the retrorockets, has the potential to frighten even a well travelled alien. If the aliens win despite your resistance, at least they have to make new towels and will be hindered to hitchhike to the next planet for some time

10. Question about wet towels and mildew?

Mold loves damp, dark conditions to grow. The folds in those piled-up towels are perfect. When the spores become airborne, you can breathe them in. Depending on the type of mold, it can be very dangerous. The most dangerous ones are black and slimy, and it can cause delusions, memory problems, and brain damage. If you are not going to put them in the laundry, at least hang them over a door or chair

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