Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels

Considering that wet Towels may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about wet Towels for you to get started.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels 1

1. why does covering a keg of beer with wet towels on a warm day helps the beer cool?

The wet towels act as insulation. Keeping the metal of the keg from direct sunlight and over heating. Metal attracts heat and can become even hot to touch, so no one wants a hot beer on a warm day

2. Would a brown recluse spider hang out in wet towels?

A brown recluse is not a large spider. it is a hunter and does not usually make any webs it is usually quite timid and will scurry away from you biting only if it finds itself in a position to protect itself which usually means your hand and the spider are in the exact same place at the same time. You will usually find it in dark damp locations. In Florida a cross breed between a brown recluse and black widow exists, it is a brown spider with a red hour glass on its belly, it makes a web but does not protect it preferring to scurry away if discovered. However this particular spider packs a powerful poison, their egg sacks are round and spiky and are laid in a web. This particular cross breed will take down a very large wolf spider. I would never kill a spider, they have a purpose.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Wet Towels 2

3. Does anybody have a dog that likes to play with wet towels, or used towels?

I know that my dog does this a lot too. If you leave it out he rolls all over it and bites at it and treats it like a toy. At my old house in Oklahoma I took him there and he did the same things there. I do not really know why they do it, but considering that dogs like things that smell funny or whatever I think that's why he does it. But I am not really sure why they do it. Good luck with that though! I am sure your puppy puts on a show with it!!!

4. Wet towels? no idea? Please help!?

i think it has someting to do with it but i dont noe wat lol

5. If you leave wet towels/wash cloths in the hamper can something bad happen?

challenging stuff. look onto google or bing. that will can assist!

6. POLL: How was your day you little wet towels?

What ^ said, since ^ is me :P lolololol

7. is it fair that my phone was taken away for leaving wet towels on my bedroom floor?

Phones are a privilege, not a right. Unless you are paying for it 100% by yourself, your parents do not even *need* a reason to take it away

8. Is there a spray product like Fabreze that is specifically for wet towels?

the only good solution is to hang it on the bar near a sunny window or a heat vent. The only thing that's gonna keep it from being musty is to dry it quickly!

9. Step Kid and his Company Throw Wet Towels on My Nice Sofa?

Damn 'em to hell! What irresponsible, self centered, thoughtless, careless, useless wastes of life they are! I can not decide whether they should be hung by their thumbs or flogged in the city square! How dare they victimize you in a such a disrespectful way! You should make them pay for your trauma counselor! File for divorce, and sue that man for every penny he has! Do not even let him keep his toilet paper! The NERVE of some people! I definitely feel for you!

10. How to dry wet towels in a small bathroom?

Hang one or multiple lines, such as suction-cup clotheslines, or insert hooks with wall anchors for a sturdier mounting point. Take the lines down when you need to use the room

11. how do i stop my female cat from pissen on wet towels?

sounds like she needs to be fixed

12. Where should I hang my wet towels?

Hang it over the shower curtain

13. why do indians take wet towels with them in the bathroom?

i think those doing so are muslims,it is part of their ablution rite before performing their prayers

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