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1. True or False: You own a beach towel ?

I have several, one is blue with the Aquarius sign on it. Another one is red and yellow and had "Menorca es mas Grande" on it

2. When you start using your last beach towel after the shower is it time to do laundry?

no when i resort to the washcloths its time to do luandry..=]

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3. Has anyone ever seen a beach towel with a poker theme?

There are a couple on the links I added below

4. if you could buy a new beach towel, it would most likely have...?


5. Is it disrespectful to wear wear the American flag if it is a beach towel?

Yes it is very disrespectful to make clothing that represents the American flag. But this is America. We have so much freedom that people take advantage of it. All those people who died defending this country so you can have all these freedoms carried that flag.

6. i want to hang a beach towel on my wall as a backdrop for photos..what can i hang it with?

put up a small curtain rod...........fold the top of the towel over and put a few basting stitches in the fold to make a 'curtain' out of the towel ...and hang it like you would a curtain

7. Where can I find a Jonas Brothers beach towel?

Im sure some company would make one for you?

8. why did the lady stare at me when i kissed the Captain jack sparrow beach towel at target?

She wanted it .... without getting sloppy seconds

9. At Home Halloween Costume for 17 year old Girl?

Soffee shorts, a long sleeve T shirt, safety pin a superhero logo to it, grab a bedsheet as a cape - you are a Superhero!!!! You probably have a plaid shirt lying around somewhere? That with shorty denim shorts or a denim skirt makes you a cowgirl - do not forget your hat! Idk how slutty you want to go but if you really wanted to, you could wear a bikini with a sarong or beach towel tied around your waist - you are a Hawaiian girl (: There's this website I really love to go to, (in no way am I affiliated with the website or trying to endorse it, i just really really love their stuff lol). They've got an article with tons of cute ideas on Halloween costumes. Just go there, search "Halloween" in the search box, and check out all their ideas!

10. Is the Vera Bradley purple punch beach towel real?

It is real. Because it came out in early summer and can not really be found in stores anymore, it's no longer on their website

11. where can i buy a Superman beach towel?

I went on Bing, and here is a website that I found. I hope this helps you

12. how can i keep my beach towel soft?

hard aspect. browse on google. this will help!

13. how much does a walt disney world beach towel cost if i buy one from the parks. ?

We bought one on our first trip at our hotel, we paid somewhere around $15.00 a comparable price to other stores. There will be every possible garment to purchase

14. What picture does your favorite beach towel have on it?

well...I have a Yankees beach towel with pinstripes and the Yankees logo...then I have another one with a cheetah on it =)

15. Which word in the sentence is a gerund? I curled up in my beach towel, wet from swimming.?

D. The "ing" is your clue

16. California Republic Beach Towel with a Bear?

Try eBay might search for a California flag on a towel

17. A man running around in his underwear with a beach towel for a cape – Crazy Person or Super Hero?

That makes him one smexy man and a Super Hero to the crazy people

18. The beach towels I have seen are cheap and skimpy. I do own one beach towel though that is big on quality.?

Department stores like Dillards, Foley's, etc. usually have good quality beach towels

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