Related Questions of Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

Related Questions of Curtain 1

1. Is it Curtain's for Obama?

yes, I say red white and blue

2. Are there curtain rods that DON'T require you to screw the hooks into your wall?

They are called "tension rods" but you are limited to what you can hang on them as they go inside the window frame

Related Questions of Curtain 2

3. Why does Volvo's SIPS Side Curtain Airbags only inflate on the side of the impact?

the nature of the impact on the opposite side, is forcing a person's head who might be sitting there, in a direction away from that side of the car. the sips would be be effective.

4. What color curtain would go best in my room?

I think a coppery colour or to play it safely the cream ones as the chocolate brown or DARK orange will just overtake the room and wont fit in where as the dusty pink will make the room too overwhelming with the same colour so cream is just safe but the coppery colour is kind of like a down tone to the dark orange and would suit nicely :) hope i helped. Good Luck!

5. Do you check behind the shower curtain before you use the bathroom?

lol sometimes. it depends on where i am

6. Can God see me if I encase my house in a giant Iron Curtain?

Well considering he made magneto

7. Curtain Rods for Wall to Wall Windows, HELP!!!?

get one then try to use uction cups on the glass, lol probably not going to work but u could attatch it to the frame i mean u cant tell me there's no frame lol

8. Is it possible to remove a shower curtain stain from my porcelain tub?

I spray the mildew/mold areas while shower curtain is still hanging up in shower with any type of mold/mildew remover. Make sure you spray that pesty area at the bottom of the curtain too. Also make sure you have the curtain inside of the tub or you will have a mess! ;0) After spraying let it sit on the curtain for a good 5 minutes, then spray or rinse with hot water. Check and make sure you did not miss any spots, if you did miss some spots, redo those areas. Works like a charm. * I use Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover but there's quite a few brands available

9. Curtain Help?!?!?!!?

Why do not you just but these? They are cute. Pier One Kids has some similar things as well as Wal-Mart at one time. Not sure if they still carry anything like this. However, one thing you want to keep in mind as a teenager is that they offer no privacy whatsoever and they will move in the breeze every time the air comes on in your room. Also if you have a cat by any chance heor she will love climbing and/or pulling on the ribbons

10. How do you shorten a Shower Curtain?

If it is vinyl just measure it carefully and mark it at intervals and cut. If it is fabric you might have to hem it or glue the ends where you cut it; make sure you leave enough fabric to turn the hem 2 times so no frayed edges show.

11. Bradshaw, Swann, Stallworth and Steel Curtain?

Terry Bradshaw Played From 1970 To 1983 ,13 Years And 27,000 Yards And Would Of Had 30,000 If Not For Retiring .Most People Fail To Realize That Bradshaw Was In A Run Oriented Offense That Contained One Of The Greatest Running Backs Of All Time In Franco Harris .Which He Had More Then 12,000 Yards On The Ground So Bradshaw Never Really Had To Air It Out Like Marino Or Montana Did . Those Quarter Backs Were In Pass Oriented Offenses And That's Why They Piled Up A Lot Of Yards .Did Any Of Them Have A Running Back That Ran For More Then 12,000 Yards ? The Answer Is No They Did not .John Elway ,Brett Farve ,Or Even Peyton Manning Have Huge Yard Totals But Never Had A Running Back With More Than 12,000 Yards . So That Itself Proves That Terry Bradshaw Had Better Numbers Then Most People Think Because He Never Had To Throw For That Manning Yards !!

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