Related Questions of Wet Towels

Do you want to know about wet Towels? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Related Questions of Wet Towels 1

1. how do i stop my female cat from pissen on wet towels?

Your cat can not do that if you hang up your wet towels!!

2. Would a brown recluse spider hang out in wet towels?

David Moore and Nick Roberts asked the same question. You should read their answers side by side

Related Questions of Wet Towels 2

3. Accidentally left wet towels in the washer and now they are mildewed. Have washed several times...?

Try lemon juice if non of the above work

4. Should I wipe my basketball with wet towels?

hey man i actually put my basketball in the shower and it doesnt lose grip at all

5. Help cleaning my carpet. My idiot roommate left wet towels and nasty dirty clothes on the carpet for weeks now

You can save money on getting it professionally cleaned and do it yourself. At A&P supermarkets they rent the Rug Doctor for $20 a day. It onlytakes about a hour hour to steam clean the rug and it will look so much better and be cleaned deep down.

6. is it fair that my phone was taken away for leaving wet towels on my bedroom floor?

who cares whether its fair or not. she did it

7. individually wrapped wet towels for camping?

I use baby wipes. They are cheap and available at all grocery stores. They have them in little resealable packets, as well as larger dispensers

8. POLL: How was your day you little wet towels?

Hello, can you please get inside of my anus? My poop is stuck and i need help =/

9. If you take two wet towels and rub them together, will the friction eventually dry both towels?

I do not know if it will dry both towels, but the rubbing might wear away part of the material of the towels

10. Does your cat like to lie on wet towels?

probably trying to get clean or something. my cat likes to watch water run down the drain it drives up or water he's so weird and he's afraid of bags !! lol. also he may like to be in cool damp places he's probably hot or something but cats do what they please. by the way my cat is 14 yrs. old !!!.

11. How to build a gun that shoots wet towels?

A younger and sillier me used to use PVC pipe, some glued on fittings, and a portable air compressor to give projectiles some oomph. You can absolutely blow parts of a fence out with baseballs that way, not that a mild mannered kid like me would ever do such a thing.I hesitate to call it a potato gun, because we always used baseballs. The secret to success was learned watching Revolutionary War re-enactments: wrap the baseball in wet paper towels and ram it into the chamber using the axe handle. Then, when you blow the air in, you get a good seal the entire way down the barrel and pretty solid muzzle velocity (it helps if you grease the inside of the barrel with Crisco, too).To adapt this for a towel, simply wad the whole towel up, soaked in water, and put it in the barrel. That should provide a plenty good seal for some serious muzzle velocity. As I got older, simple compressed air did not do the trick any more. We needed FIREpower. If you glue a BBQ grill starter into a 'chamber' of a PVC pipe, then fill the chamber with ether (most combustible thing we found), you can then ram in your baseball wad and get a pretty good pop. Make this even more effective by soaking your paper towels/actual towel in gasoline. Not only does that provide more fuel in your chamber, but also tends to send the payload out on fire. Especially useful for night fire exercises, though to be honest, I think the air cannon had more muzzle velocity.

12. Why does my room smell like wet towels?

Start by washing tha laundry in your room daily. Keeping clothes that have been worn in piles give out an bad aroma. Then spray air freshener and the smell will be gone in no time.

13. why do indians take wet towels with them in the bathroom?

You know, they still wipe with their right hand in more remote areas. and also, Indonesians do it still in the more remote islands. seriously, I lived there before. so do not shake their right hand

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