Related Questions of Wet Towels

Considering that wet Towels may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about wet Towels for you to get started.

Related Questions of Wet Towels 1

1. why do indians take wet towels with them in the bathroom?

ya will racist have problems, i think you should seek help

2. how do i stop my female cat from pissen on wet towels?

"pissen"? How about pissing, or better, urinating. Is she spayed? If not, have her spayed. Is she declawed? Declawed cats often urinate on soft surfaces. Has she been checked for a urinary tract infection? If not, take her to your vet for an examination. Is something stressing her? Children, other animals, etc.? Inappropriate urination is usually caused by stress or illness. How many wet towels does she have access to?.

Related Questions of Wet Towels 2

3. is it fair that my phone was taken away for leaving wet towels on my bedroom floor?

It's not the greatest punishment, as it's completely unrelated to what you did, but unless she took away your phone for an unreasonably long time, it's not really out of line. When my daughter refuses to do what she's supposed to do my standard recourse is to take away her computer time for a day. And I am well aware that that's not related to what she did, but sometimes we parents just get frustrated when our kids do not do what we've told them again and again and we reach for whatever we think will upset them enough to get them to listen next time. Yes, you should apologize because leaving towels on your bedroom floor after your mother told you not to was not respectful. Plus, if she sees that you are sorry she will be more likely to be more tolerant the next time. (Well, hopefully there wo not be a next time for towels on the floor, but undoubtedly you will do something else that upsets her, and your attempt at goodwill will put her in a better frame of mind.)

4. Sudden bad smell in house like the gym in certain rooms? Kind of like old wet towels?

The smell is mold, you need to check for leaks under the floors

5. why does covering a keg of beer with wet towels on a warm day helps the beer cool?

Two reasons: The beer keg is isolated from direct radiation, which reflects back from the towel, on condition they are white or light coloured. Secondly, the evaporation of the water in the towels costs energy. This energy is taken from the surroundings in this case the beer keg, which stays cooler.

6. why does covering a keg of beer with wet towels on a warm day helps the beer cool?

Evaporative cooling

7. Accidentally left wet towels in the washer and now they are mildewed. Have washed several times...?

just a little bleach when washer fills up

8. Would a brown recluse spider hang out in wet towels?

extremely tough subject. look at the search engines. just that can assist!

9. Step Kid and his Company Throw Wet Towels on My Nice Sofa?

Tricky, where step kids are concerned. But you are the adult here so I am sure there is a way to get around this problem. Sometimes it is best to just go and pick the wet towels up and do the job yourself, then follow the boys into their room and in a loud voice tell them that you have picked the towels up for them and put them in the laudry. They will not be happy that you have walked into their room, but you will have scored a point. If they act like lazy kids then treat them as such, they will not like it. Keep reminding them what you have done for them, in a nice way of course, they will get so sick of it and in the end do it themselves, just to stop you from moaning. Some times it is really easier to kill someone with kindness, if you get my drift. It can be so annoying, but gets the point over without any arguments, We used to stay at our Aunties every year for 2 weeks, she was a nice old lady but very fussy. She used to do this at first when we left things lying around, she would come in and tidy up. Her famous expression was "do not mind me dear, just doing my job". One day she came into our bedroom at 8'clock in the morning with the bloomin hoover and cleaned around the bed. Nice.!! By the end of the two weeks, she won, she had us trained and tidy little girls. It was so much easier. I often think of her and how clever she was in manipulating us and at the time we had no idea, we thought she was just a batty old woman. So plan your battle and win the war. Good luck.

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