Some Beach Towel Questions

Here are top 10 questions about beach towel asked by people online.

Some Beach Towel Questions 1

1. Do I have to go to basic training if I have a Bachelor's Degree?

No because You are a special case We are going to look after You especially well.Bring Your Golf Clubs and Beach Towel and Sunscreen Lotion and be prepared to be pampered.You will be required to go on the occasional march ,but You get to use a Golf Cart for most of the march. Any problems feel free to stop by the Commandants Office and talk to Him personally.No appointment required

2. Has anyone ever seen a beach towel with a poker theme?

Yep, got one myself. WSOP 2004

Some Beach Towel Questions 2

3. great gift for picky guys?

Cook his favorite meal for him & make or buy a cake for him Other possibilities: food treats like real maple syrup or cashews or other nuts or fresh dates or fruit preserves beach towel or oversize bath towel with washcloths windup flashlight with emergency cell phone charger on it Swiss Army knife easel for movie making great headphones books like best-selling paperback books or non-fiction related to his interests coffee table book of the history of movies or retro cars tickets to a special event like live theater (check first to see if he would like it) If he's this picky, maybe you should run it past him whatever you are thinking of getting him.

4. Ideas for a graduation gift?

Gift ideas for birthdays, graduation, mothers day, fathers day, Christmas Driving: a CLUB, steering wheel cover, back support pillow, window shades, vanity plates, battery charger Diving: Scuba gear, flippers, weights, snorkel, mask, wet suit Swimming: cool swim suit, sun glasses, visors, beach towel. boogie board, surf board, beach umbrella, board shorts Golf: Personalized tees or balls, glove, golf bag, golf club covers Ball games: Ball, glove, mitt, or tickets to favorite team, baseball cap, t-shirt Boating: Floating ice chest, floating flashlight, flag, canopy, life vest, inflatable raft, canoe, kayak (and paddles) Exercise equipment: body ball, thighmaster, stairmaster, weights Remote controlled anything: plane, blimp, helicopter, kite... CDs of favorite artists, concert tickets Quilt, comforter, Snuggly thing, bootie sox, pretty umbrella, journal. Lip gloss, spray-on hair shine, energy bars, votive candles, calendar, hair extensions, hair clips with flowers or butterflies, fluffy slippers, talcum powder with fluffy puff, hot rollers, elec. toothbrush, charm bracelet, anklet.. Board games: Checkers, chess, Monopoly, Upwords, card games... Games: Croquet, badminton, horseshoes, bike, skateboard, basketball and hoop, volleyball set, hockey, tether ball... A makeover, puppy, kitty, New King James bible Bike, skateboard, scooter, moped, skates, binoculars, telescope - Keep all receipts so they can exchange it if they want to -- The best and easiest gift to receive and to give is a Gift Card/Certificate to a favorite store to be used after holidays when things are half price.

5. How do you get rid of razor burn?

Ouch! I hate razor burn! Curing it may be a little tricky! But to make things easier, follow the steps below Fact: Razor Burn is actually taking off a layer of skin! That's why it stings so much. How to prevent it: Make sure your legs are completely wet, and use shaving cream or conditioner. DO NOT use regular body soap! I would recommend using Skintimate shaving cream. What you will need: 1 bottle of Aloe Vera gel (refrigerated or not), or Lotions with vitamin E 1 hand towel 1 Shower towel or beach towel 10 icecubes or more (put them into a cup) Soapy water Washcloth STEP 1. Make your workspace. Lay the shower towel or beach towel on the ground. Place the bucket of soapy water on the shower or beach towel. Place the icecubes on the side of the towel. Place the Lotion or Aloe Vera to the side of the towel also. STEP 2. Clean your legs. Place your legs on the shower or beach towel. Take the washcloth and wet it in the soapy water. Then, run the wet washcloth over the razor-burned area. Repeat four times. Dry your legs and put the water aside. STEP 3. Ice the razor-burned areas. Take 1 piece of ice and run it over the razor burned areas on your leg. Use about 3 pieces of ice on one razor-burned area. Dry your legs with the handtowel. STEP 4. Hydrate. Take the Aloe Vera or Lotion and apply to the razor-burned areas. Repeat twice. Let your legs dry. So there you have it! Here are some helpful suggestions: Apply Aloe Vera or Lotion 5 TIMES A DAY! Next time you shave, use a Venus razor by gillette

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