Stained Glass Is a Beautiful Way to Add Elegance and Color to Your Home Decor

The world of stained glass is a fascinating and beautiful one. There are styles and designs to suit every taste, and a full spectrum of amazing colors to brighten any room. Stained glass can be used in different forms, from lamps, windows and suncatchers to even fireplace screens. In order to choose wisely, here are some tips on using this lovely medium to brighten up your home.

Make sure the piece is well-crafted

There are two main types of stained glass; either using lead cane (for larger windows, for stronger support) or copperfoil (most commonly seen in lamps and smaller windows.) Keep this in mind when hiring a glassworker to make a custom window for you. If it is large, it needs to be strong to handle the weight of all that glass. I have a bunch of large lamps made with copperfoil, and they are strong. Look at the piece carefully, to see if it is solidly constructed. Is the solder (metal line between each piece of glass) domed and even? Sometimes a patina is used to darken the color of the silver solder, to make the colors in the glass stand out better. I prefer darker lines between my art glass, it looks more sophisticated, in my opinion.

If you are buying a lamp, make sure the base is on the heavy side, to support the weight of the glass. You want a strong enough base that is nicely molded and appears well-put together, from top to bottom. The larger lamps usually have sockets for three bulbs, the mediums have two sockets, and accent or smaller lamps have just one. Choose a lamp that is the correct size for your lighting needs. If you like a lot of detail in your lampshade, choose one with as many glass pieces as possible. I prefer lamps with over 1000 pieces per shade. Cheaper lamps usually have a few large pieces of glass in a basic pattern. It's a matter of personal taste.

Make sure that windows have sturdy hanging apparatus like loops or wire if you plan to hang it in front of an existing window in your house. Usually there are loops and a chain to connect them, for hanging. Ask the vendor or artist questions if you have any concerns. We want you to love your piece, whatever kind it is.

Choose a piece that is suited to your room

When considering the purchase of a stained glass lamp or window, keep in mind the colors and decor of the room you want to put it in. Too much color, all over the place will tire the eyes out and look tacky. So, to avoid that, choose a piece that has at least one or two of the colors in your room, in it. It helps to tie the room together subtly. If you just have to have it but it doesn't match anything, go out and get throw pillows or a vase to put in the room, of the same color, to balance the decor instead. These are tricks used to make the various contents of rooms more harmonious together.

When buying lamps, don't overpower the room with too many stained glass pieces

By not overdoing the stained glass look, your room won't end up looking like a fruit salad. For example, in my living room, I have two table lamps, both stained glass, that are similar in color and style. They complement one another because they aren't drastically different. In the corner is a torchiere, or floor lamp, that has a blown glass shade, of a similar color and base design. They all look fine together in the room because they are similar and don't clash with one another. Space the lamps and/or window out, so they aren't too close to one another for the best effect.

To keep them sparkling, wipe them down at least once a month

Dust can build on lampshades especially, and dull the color and reflectiveness of the glass. Use a glass-cleaning product and cloth to wipe any fuzzballs or dusty residue off the top of the lamp. Follow the manufacturer's directions for cleaning whatever base is used. Usually, Tiffany-replica lamps come with a bronze-look vase. If you want real bronze, you will pay real prices for them, they aren't cheap.

Enjoy your new stained-glass lamp or window. They make any room like so inviting, and give it interest. Light will stream through stained glass windows, especially if the glass used is beveled on the edges (cut to shine like a prism.) If you love rainbows in your room, get a window made with many clear, beveled glass pieces and hang it in a sunny window. This can be very electrifyingly colorful if sunlight hits it in the right way.

Be warned, if you buy one piece, you will most likely be hooked and want more. That's ok, enjoy this lovely medium, it is a great addition to any home or apartment.

Stained Glass Is a Beautiful Way to Add Elegance and Color to Your Home Decor 1

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