The Hottest Questions About Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

The Hottest Questions About Curtain 1

1. These Are The Best 7 Shower Curtains Under £20, According To Amazon Reviewers

But buying the right shower curtain is not as easy as it might seem, you need one that's not going to cling to you, spontaneously grow mould and mildew one week in, and one that will compliment the rest of your bathroom interior. So we scoured Amazon reviews to find out which shower curtain you should buy according to the reviews, and here's what we found... Best Shower Curtains Under 30 According To Amazon - Grazia Believe it or not, this Ruffled Black Fabric Shower Curtain is the top-rated shower curtain under 20 on Amazon. 95% of the 73 reviews for this shower curtain are five-star reviews, and 4% are four-star reviews. It's a blackout curtain, made of 100% poly fabric, and 'provides a good layer of privacy during bath time.' With a whopping 220 customer reviews, people clearly have a lot to say about this curtain. The KXMDXA Waterproof Bathroom African Woman Shower Curtain Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain is 14.04, and is made of polyester. 86% of reviewers gave it five stars, with one pleased customer saying; 'I love it. My daughters can not stop talking about this. Many compliments and questions from people about where I got this from.' Third on the list is the ARICHOMY Shower Curtain Set which claims to be water-repellent (well, the description actually says: 'Water drops beads up just like a seed pearl in rolling on the lotus leaves.' It's just 13.89 and has 157 customer reviews, 90% of which are five-star reviews. 'Me and my kids LOVE this new shower curtain!' wrote one reviewer. 'It's great material, durable, and came with new with rings to hang on, which match perfectly!' Ruffles seem to be a real thing among the top-rated Amazon shower curtains, and while I've never actually seen anyone with a ruffled shower curtain, I am starting to think I want one. The Ruffled White Fabric Shower Curtain is 20.93, and is made of polyester. 90% of its 132 reviewers gave it five stars. One reviewer wrote: 'I love this shower curtain and have gotten many compliments on it. It certainly needs ironing when it arrives and that does take some time, but the results are so worth it. To me it looks like whipped cream. Very well-made. No threads loose, Beautiful drape.' Up next is something a little different. The Gwein Animals Funny Kitten Cat Bathing Decoration Shower Curtain is not something you would come across in the average bathroom, but if you are looking for a way to show off your love of cats then this is definitely it. At 13.39 it's on the cheaper end of the scale, and out of 44 customer reviews, 93% gave it five stars. But some reviewers are a little creeped out by the cat's eyes; 'Really cute curtain. Creepy thing is that the cat watches you no matter where you go in the bathroom. He watches us brush teeth, go to the bathroom, and since the image is visible on both sides, he watched us shower. It was so creepy that we had do buy a new liner that was dark. Kids refused to get naked while being watched. But it is an awesome, well made curtain.' Moving on swiftly from cats to shells, this bright blue curtain is 16.64 and of the 68 customers who reviewed it, 94% gave it a five-star review. It's very bright, very beachy and very bold, but with the right seaside theme it could be a real statement. 'My kids LOVE the design,' said one reviewer. 'The set of clips is a nice addition too. The fabric seems like a great quality. I am very excited to use this; no more torn shower curtains!' The Julifo Shower Curtain is a big hit on Amazon, 97% of its 33 customer reviews are five star and it's one of the cheaper options at just 11.95. Made of polyester, it comes with 12 metal rings for hanging, and dries quickly. 'I love the pattern this curtain has. Looks amazing in my bathroom. It's lightweight cotton and easy to wash. Love this.'

2. A light saber or a curtain rod?

Curtain rod

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