The Hottest Questions About Curtain

Considering that curtain may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about curtain for you to get started.

The Hottest Questions About Curtain 1

1. If i skrew my curtain rod directly in the wall, will it hold up?

ok you should be able to as most windows have a header youll have to check for sure take hammer lightly tap above window if you hear a hollow sound you will need to use a plastic ancore if you hear a soild sound go a head drill your holes you should only drill a pilet hole then switch bit and screw the rest in tight (pilet) use a bit smaller than you screw) only enough to start your screw straight one other thing if your only on sheetrock they sell plastic ancors or maybe they came with the rods drill holes just enough to fit upto half the length of the ancor then tap it in lightly

2. what color should i do my bathroom?

cant give you a specific color, cause i dont know what you like. depends on the colors youlike and if your using a theme for your bathroom. if you use frog shower curtain, then a light pale shade of green,,,,,,,,,,,,,if your using lighthouses, then a light blue for ocean. etc etc. whatever decor you have in mind pull a color from that and use a light verison. light rooms look bigger. take your shower curtain or bathtowels to store when you pick your paint. dark colors make a room look smaller. basically, pick what you want in room, curtain, rug, toothbrush holder, etc and pick a color from that and go light. good luck. check walmart, they have such a great selection of bathroom themed decor

The Hottest Questions About Curtain 2

3. Do you check behind your shower curtain in the bathroom?

Yeah! Good it's not jus me LOL!!! :D :P

4. If as Americans we were against the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain why are we building the Steel Curtain.?

The Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in, not out

5. Can someone please explain to me about eh Iron Curtain? read on?

the reason the Berlin wall was their because Joseph Stalin put it their because people were going to west Berlin, there were 4 zones in Berlin the american, french, england and the ussr. west Berlin was like a democratic island surrounded by communism for hundreds of miles. would you try to cross into the democratic zone if you had a bad way of life and cross the border to west Berlin if that was your only escape? i would. that's the difference between the Berlin wall and iron curtain.also there were gates surrounding the city people could not go around over it and under it, even the subways were blocked off, anyone who crossed it was killed. the only way to get Trough with vehicular things etc. was to go through heavily armed checkpoints which very important people were allowed only

6. Why is the Shower Curtain turning Pink?

It is a type of mold...caused from the type of water he has Clean with bleach and water If I do not clean my toilet and tub often i have the same prob

7. Which Way do You Pull the Shower Curtain?

Sorry, I am with the other guys. So that I can turn on the shower without having to pull the curtain out of the way


Cut the inside rod! If your worried about crushing it you could slide a couple of pencils inside it first and cut through them. This is only in theory because I do not have one in front of me to try it on but from what I can remember, it may work. Good luck!

9. what is the best way to clean a plastic shower curtain?

I find it is easier to just throw it in the washing machine with a couple of towels. The towels help to clean it in the washer while they are washing together. Then just hang up after the wash finishes. It is alot easier than trying to clean it in the bathtub or anywhere else

10. A good place to buy a shower curtain? (easy 10 pts, answer quick!)

bed bath beyond linens and things target

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