Top 10 Questions About Curtain Answered

Here are top 10 questions about curtain asked by people online.

Top 10 Questions About Curtain Answered 1

1. How would I set up a light bulb curtain like this?

The "strings" of bulbs are called festoon, and can be purchased from hardware stores. They often come with coloured bulbs, but you can replace them with whatever you wish.If it's for once-off use, you can rent them from party hire or lighting companies. Festoon strings come with a simple plug on the end, and can be connected to a powerstrip or regular power outlet, so long as the total number of watts drawn do not exceed the circuit. In the image above, that would run fine from one outlet.How would I set up a light bulb curtain like this?.

2. Do you check behind the shower curtain before you use the bathroom?

How would you know?!

Top 10 Questions About Curtain Answered 2

3. Gotta a bet going was the Steelers Defense nicknamed the Steel Curtain or the Iron Curtain?

Well, they are not the Ironers. Steel Curtain.

4. if i took an all black window curtain and soak it into bleach will it tur white?

try it, but be aware that bleach ruins some fabrics

5. What were the communist countries that were part of the Iron Curtain?

East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria are the first that come to mind, since these nations were called "satellite states" and most of these are the ones on the border between east and west and are part of Churchill's famous speech about "an Iron Curtain descending from the Baltic to the Adriatic. It was in this speech that Winston Churchill coined the phrase "Iron Curtain". He also mentioned the many other countries that were behind this curtain but also part of it. Yugoslavia is the only country among these mentioned that actually retained its full independence from Moscow, even though it was Communist run. Along with East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, there were the other nations of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldavia that were actually annexed as part of the Russian state and all had communist governments sponsored by Moscow. The only exceptions were Albania, that actually decided to seek communist sponsorship by communist China, and Tito, the leader of Yugoslavia, was an outspoken leader, did not always follow Russian leadership, and was able to keep his country completely independent.

6. Explain why Churchill used the phrase "Iron Curtain" to describe Soviet actions in Eastern Europe? am i right?

The Iron Curtain meant that between WWII & The Cold War, Europe was divided. The East Side was communist (soviet Union). The West Side was democratic. The Berlin Wall is an example of how prominent this (imaginary, yet symbolic) curtain was. In Berlin, a wall was put up that divided the east from the west. Each side was isolated from the other. One side was communist & under soviet control. The other was democratic. During the Berlin Air Lift, the US dropped supplies to the East side (under soviet control).

7. What color curtain to use in kitchen?

A cafe curtain covering the lower half of the window would give you privacy while still allowing lots of light.....try a cream background with a print in peach, terra cotta and aqua to help bring all the other color elements in the room together

8. Matching Finishes-Faucets, Lighting, Curtain rods, etc.?

It would be ridiculous to change everything to silver just because the shower has a border. And, you do not need to do that in the whole house either. A good rule is to keep the style of cabinet hardware the same, but use different finishes in different rooms. My kitchen has brushed nickel hardware to match better with the stainless steel sink and nickel finish faucet. In my family room, I used the same cabinet hardware as in the kitchen, only it is shiny brass to go with other brass accents in the room. I also had a pickle of a dilemma on one of our bathrooms. Shiny brass faucet, antique brass switch plates and cabinet hardware, shiny brass towel holders etc... and what to do with the shower curtain bar that was white! Well, i took it outside and spray painted it matte black then did a sponge finish of metallic gold over the black and used antiqued shower hooks to hold the curtain. Somehow, it all came together for this 1972 olive green tiled bathroom. If you want shiny silver, then go for it. But do not worry too much about that little bit of shiny silver finish... you could even do a faux finish over it by taping it off and using good quality paints.

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