What Color Is Your Shower Curtain? Did You Match the Floor Mats with It?

yes, the curtain is green and so are the mats :)

What Color Is Your Shower Curtain? Did You Match the Floor Mats with It? 1

1. What should I make a curtain out of to make a room divider for the air conditioner?

we've an AC in yet another room, and depart the door open to his room. We additionally positioned a field fan interior the floor pointing remote from him for the white noise, and to tug fairly some the cooler air interior the room and the hotter air out

2. Shower curtain to match Oak sink and grey floor?

White is good, but you could also consider a strong color such as purple. To compliment the high grain in oak, consider a curtain with a lot of texture and depth

What Color Is Your Shower Curtain? Did You Match the Floor Mats with It? 2

3. How do you clean a clear plastic shower curtain?

You can throw it in the washer with a towel and some bleach. But they are only a few bucks - just get a new one

4. Ok, so I have $100 to remodel a bathroom. Help?

Cheapest source I have found for good quality items on your list is the home goods department of the Ross Dress for Less chain of off-price stores. If you have them in malls in your area, hit all of them since they each have different stock. You may not find exactly what you want right away but if you are patient some items will probably turn up that will work and their prices are outstanding. They usually have a good selection of rugs, shower curtains, bath accessories, trash cans, storage baskets and other various decor. To keep it from being hokey, I would keep the colors "beach-ey" (like sandy neutrals and cool blues) and use natural or white wicker items and maybe simple striped towels and shower curtain. Let the shells be the obvious design elements, maybe an assortment of them or of beach stones in woven baskets on the shelves. If you do get that seagull shower curtain you would need to keep everything else really restrained so it did not look corny. I would use plush sand-colored rugs and sand and pale blue colored towels -- you can get a bathtub non-slip mat that looks like pebbles (actually I got mine at a Ross store.)

5. Can a stand up shower just be tiles on the floor, shaped like an outline of a square and a curtain rod on top?

That's a pretty common layout nowadays in new houses with bathrooms with ceramic tile.As long as the as the floor is sloped to the drain,which I am sure it is,there should be no problems. The only problem people need to worry about with standing water on ceramic tile ,if it gets outside the shower area, is slipping on it which I am sure a couple of bathroom mats should take care of.

6. Are Michael Jackson's Concerts at the O2 Arena in London going to be his last and the "final curtain call"?

That's what he said but I hope he continues into the U.S

7. hi seniors . where you live what are the nicest trees and flowering trees you have in your area ?

In the town where I have lived now for quite some time there is an indoor market and in two adjoining towns there are also indoor markets. These 3 are open 6 days a week. However in another town only 4 miles away they have an outdoor market every Thursday and Sunday. On Sundays there is also a car boot sale in an adjoining field so this attracts many people. The problem with this market is that there are so many stalls selling identical items. About six sell the same types of clothing and at the same prices. Several sell plants and several others sell tools. There just is not the variety that there used to be. I do not find markets to be anywhere near as good as they were when I was a child and they do not have the bargains which most markets had years ago. Some of the fruit and vegetable stalls and butchers stalls are more expensive than the supermarkets. Our local market though has a fabulous stall selling curtain and dressmaking fabrics and also has a very large stall selling really good quality greetings cards starting at only 29p. That stall is always very busy

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