'what Is the Correct Number of Towels to Own?' Man Sparks a Very Heated Debate That Even Chrissy Tei

A confused man has sent social media into meltdown by asking how many towels he and his girlfriend should own.Abdul, who lives in Boston, was completely unaware that his question on 'adulting' would spark an intense discussion on the rules of towel ownership.'Addressing all his 'fellow adults,' he wrote in the initial Twitter post: 'My girlfriend and I have a question, what is the correct amount of towels to own? I said 10 and she looked at me like I was crazy. We have zero frame of reference on the appropriate amounts of towels in a household of two.'While everyone had their own opinions regarding the topic, the conversation quickly opened up a new can of worms.'What's the difference between a "bath sheet" and "bath towel"?' wrote one, while Chrissy Teigen responded to one suggestion that a single couple needs 20 wash cloths between them by writing: '20 wash cloths? This is too many wash cloths. Is this for the whole household.'Thousands of towel owners waded in on the debate and offered their varying experiences.'12 plus. My father's rule of thumb was to have enough to skip laundry for two weeks. I keep enough for at least three,' wrote one, while another said: 'Correct answer: Whatever is correct for you.'A third chimed in to suggest that there is a specific 'rule of thumb' for the number of towels per person per household, but noted that this number changes significantly if that household owns a dog.'My random rule of thumb: Two full sets for each person in the house, plus a full set for each guest you have space for,' the Twitter user wrote, before adding: 'If you have a dog, you need approximately 100 more.'Others implied the towel department was down to whoever wears the trousrs in the relationship, saying: 'The correct amount is the amount she tells you is the correct amount.'But the debate quickly took a whole new turn when another social media user, Yashar Ali, penned a list of the towels he believed a couple should own - including '10 bath sheets' and '10 bath towels.''What the hell is a "bath sheet?" one asked, while another said: 'My only towel take is that you can either be a "bath sheet" person or a normal "bath towel" person but you can't have both.'A third wrote: 'Discovered the towel thread. Feeling good about myself that I knew the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet,' while anotherjoked thedebate could only be resolved with the help of cleaning influencer Marie Kundo:'Don't think we're going to solve @yashar's towel debate until @MarikeKondon weighs in.'In answer to the question posed, Yashar posted a picture of a size chart to show that a bath sheet is actually a bigger version of a bath towel.And it was only then that Abdul, the man responsible for initiating the whole debate, made the shocking discovery: @OMG I just realised that my favourite towel is...a bath sheet,' he wrote. 'What the hell.'As the debate started to settle, many were keen to hear an update on what Abdul and his girlfriend ended up doing with the final towel type and count. 'Ask @annathrolpolgy. I gave up 2000 replies ago,' replied an exhausted Abdul.But his girlfriend was none the wiser either: 'I have given up entirely,' she joked.

'what Is the Correct Number of Towels to Own?' Man Sparks a Very Heated Debate That Even Chrissy Tei 1

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