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Well planned and well organized

In order to make the activities targeted, our company has carefully formulated the marketing plan based on the development of key indicators in 2022, determined the marketing strategy of "targeting middle and high-end customers, combining foreign competition with counter marketing", selected the sprint indicators for PK, defined the marketing target, and developed the corresponding incentive mechanism.

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Team competition,Set the mood:

With the sales department as the unit, employees are divided into two PK teams according to the principle of "random allocation". Team members offer suggestions, cooperate closely, give full play to their strengths, improve the internal and external linkage and collaborative ability, and create a good working atmosphere of "team cooperation, catch up and compete". Advocate "happy marketing", encourage employees to open a large number of words, employees PK each other, improve the marketing skills of employees, realize the change from mentality adjustment to marketing actual combat, make the competition in full swing, and show a strong space for development.
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Compliance marketing, effective promotion:

The activity always adheres to precision marketing under the premise of compliance, and strictly implements various rules and regulations. In order to effectively promote the progress of product marketing, the bank reports the marketing performance and PK battle situation daily, ranking by week; Make use of morning meeting to timely comment, earnestly summarize, share successful marketing experience, find out existing problems, praise the advanced, spur the late, stimulate the enthusiasm for competition, and encourage employees to adjust and improve marketing strategies.Hotel Linen Manufacture-ELIYA2022 4Hotel Linen Manufacture-ELIYA2022 5Hotel Linen Manufacture-ELIYA2022 6
Eliya excellent sales team:
Winning or losing the PK competition is not the goal, it motivates the sales staff to constantly surpass and strive to be the pioneer.
The team award setting is to reflect the importance of teamwork.
Only by gathering the strength of the team can we go further.
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Let's finish 2022 in a perfect way and start the brand New Year 2023. I hope we will harvest more in the coming year!

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